NEW: "Season of Wild America" is out!

This is a spectacular exploration of the untamed beauty of North America in new documentary shows.

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NEW: "Season of Wild America" is out!

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Get ready for an exciting adventure through the wild heart of North America. In this month, Viasat Nature is presenting the "Season of Wild America", every night from 8 p.m.This thematic block brings a series of documentaries about wild nature that will take viewers to stunning landscapes and also introduce them to America's charismatic wildlife.

The backbone of the "Season of Wild America" is made up of three new documentary series.

On Monday, November 6, at 8 p.m., we could go deep into the forest with the Roots of Life show. This three-part series unravels the mysteries of iconic trees from that continent. From the creators of the acclaimed show Rooted: Africa, the series introduced us to the striking living world that thrives among these giant trees and the intricate interplay of life and survival.

On Tuesday, November 7, at 8 p.m., we had a chance to explore the harsh and merciless wilderness of the American West in the American West series. The ingenuity of nature is at the center of attention, and the series introduces us to the creative ways in which wild animals overcome the challenges of this harsh and unforgiving terrain.

Finally, on Wednesday, November 8, at 8 p.m., came Wild Texas, a breathtakingly beautiful documentary that reveals the stunning wildlife and awe-inspiring landscapes of Texas. We get to know the wild world of that federal state through the eyes of its most famous inhabitants, from the mysterious blind catfish to the elusive ocelot. This film, shot with the most modern filming techniques, takes us on a real visual odyssey, from the peaks of West Texas all the way to the depths of the Gulf of Mexico.

But that is not all! As part of the "Season of Wild America", Viasat Nature also brings a carefully selected offer of other ambitious series and documentaries. Explore the untamed wilderness of Alaska, travel along the US-Canada border and witness the stunning landscapes of Yellowstone. From the hidden wonders of North America's grasslands to the majesty of the Great Lakes, this themed block will delight all nature lovers.

Prepare to be enchanted by the magnificent America in the Season of Wild America, an unforgettable exploration of untamed natural beauty, this November only on the Viasat Nature program, from Monday to Friday, from 8 p.m.


Post By: Vanessa F.