NEW: Action Thriller "Fast Charlie" with Pierce Brosnan!

In the criminal world, Charlie Swift is known as a problem solver.

Dec 3, 2023 - 16:21
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NEW:  Action Thriller "Fast Charlie" with Pierce Brosnan!

"Be good to yourself, Charlie, and get as far away from here as you can." is part of the official trailer for an assassin action film called "Fast Charlie".This film is the latest feature from praised filmmaker Phillip Noyce (of Patriot GamesClear and Present DangerThe SaintSalt, and The Giver). 

In the criminal world, Charlie Swift is known as a problem solver. But his latest assignment puts him in a lot of trouble. Charlie is in charge of liquidating a criminal, but during the job, the victim's head inexplicably disappears. There is no head, ID, or payoff for Charlie. In the search for a solution, Charlie turns to Marcie Kramer, the victim's ex-wife. Marcie is a woman with a sharp mind and hardened nerves, ready to find the answer to the mystery of disappearing head by any means. Charlie and Marcie join forces and embark on an unusual adventure that takes them through the depths of the criminal underworld.

The movie "Fast Charlie" is a black comedy that depicts life in the criminal underworld in a very entertaining way. Director Phillip Noyce successfully balances humor and tension, creating a film that is both, entertaining and exciting. Pierce Brosnan brilliantly portrays the role of Charlie Swift, a charismatic criminal with a light-hearted approach to life. Morena Baccarin is excellent as Marcie Kramer, a woman who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

In addition to Brosnan and Baccarin, the film also features top actors such as James Caan, Milo Kunis, and Ruby Rose, who further enrich the film with their performances. "Fast Charlie" is a movie that will cheer you up and entertain you. The perfect combination of humor, tension, and excellent acting makes this film a real pleasure for all lovers of black comedy. You won't regret it!