Mar 9, 2022 - 17:41
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The biggest change is related to the navigation elements and menus that have been moved to the left side of the platform, so they are no longer at the top as we used to be.

The company announced that the mentioned options have been moved to one place, which means that everything the user needs is on the left side - elements for profile management, navigation, notifications, messages, and more.

When the change arrives, the assistant points to a button with the Facebook logo that opens a massive menu with all the options.

In addition to the basic functions in the new menu, there are also shortcuts to Facebook Watch, groups, and other things that the user follows. The change comes two years after the previous major redesign, which brought changes in navigation, a more precise and cleaner look, and a dark mode

It was a big change, but in the meantime, everyone got used to it, first of all, because it simplified and cleared up the overcrowded older version.

The new design was expected to do the same, but those who received it claim that it confuses and makes orientation difficult even for those who use the platform regularly. The biggest drawback is that the Home button has been replaced by a blue button with the Facebook logo in the upper left corner. 

In addition, it is annoying that there is nothing in the upper right corner, especially if you keep in mind that until now there were the most used options, including Notifications and Messenger.

It is also criticized that the buttons on the left side are placed in two columns that are too close, and many colorful icons are fighting for attention, which jeopardizes visibility. 

The Messenger button is completely at the bottom, which makes it difficult to write new messages, and it looks unfinished since the list of offered contacts has not been received as before.

It is common for the navigation menu to be on the left, as is the case with the Twitter and Gmail platforms, but the difference is that Facebook has many more options and buttons that make it too crowded.

Every major redesign requires alterations, and it is certain that everyone will interpret the new changes in their own way. That way, the new menu may be more convenient for some than the old one, but it is certain that it takes time to get used to the new one. 

For now, this is a test that has reached a limited number of users, so it is possible that the changes will be more orderly when they reach everyone.