NEW: The first look at the " Timestalker" movie!

The film does not have a premiere date yet, but it is expected during this year.

Jan 19, 2024 - 14:04
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NEW: The first look at the " Timestalker" movie!

Alice Lowe (Prevenge) is back in the director's chair and now we finally get our first look at her upcoming film "Timestalker". The film is described as a comic SF romance. We have a story that is set in several periods. In addition to directing the film, Lowe also wrote the script and she plays one of the main roles, which was also the case with her 2016 film "Prevent".

What can we expect?

The plot follows Agnes, who falls in love with the wrong man, then reincarnates and falls in love with him again and again, over the centuries in different lives. "Timestalker" draws inspiration from everything, from "Barry Lyndon" to "Working Girl". The film is an exciting story about unrequited love and revenge. One story, many eras - each filled with thrills and everything that comes hand in hand with the courage to follow your heart. The plot will take viewers, among other things, through western Scotland in the 1680s, to rural England in the 1790s, to Manhattan in the 1980s, and then to the post-apocalyptic 22nd century.

"The film is quite difficult to describe. It's a romcom, it's about reincarnation, fantasy - and in a way it's a bit of a love letter to cinema because each historical period is somehow based on a different film genre or trope. Which was super fun.”  Lowe stated.
In this movie Lowe is starring as Agnes, Aneurin Barnard (1899) as 'The Wrong Man', Jacob Anderson (Interview with the Vampire) as Scipio, and Tanya Reynolds (Sex Education) as Meg. Here we can see also Nick Frost (Hot Fuzz), Kate Dickie (Loki), Dan Renton Skinner (Litvinenko) and Mike Wozniak (The Witchfinder).
The film is “not quite a typical period drama – there’ll be the odd glimpse of something anachronistic,” the director teases. “That’s some of the most fun that we’ve had, just going, ‘We can make this look like a Dario Argento film!’ Just because it’s set in the Georgian era doesn’t mean we can’t have a giallo horror moment.” he added.
The film does not have a premiere date yet, but it is expected during this year

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