Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's madness!

Madness by Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee: They bathed and did drugs in champagne, and divorced when 'fierce' porn leaked.

Jan 30, 2022 - 15:56
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Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's madness!

The upcoming drama will show the crazy lives of Pamela Anderson (54) and her ex-husband Tommy Lee (59). Both of them refused to participate in directing the "Pam & Tommy" series, and because of the antics that the duo did, it is clear why.

The series is coming next week and it is so bizarre that it manages to show all the real-life antics of the "Baywatch" star and her first husband, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, who was already married when he met Pamela. And the drummer previously slept with her Baywatch colleague Carmen Electra (49).

In the series, Pamela is played by the British Lily James (32), and Tommy is played by Marvel's Sebastian Stan (39). The scene with which this dramatic series begins speaks volumes about the couple's relationship. Namely, Tommy Lee approaches Pamela and asks her does she want to meet 'him', and Pamela answers that 'he' is beautiful.

In addition to the passionate scenes, the romantic aspect of their relationship will be shown, in which Tommy Lee realizes that Pamela is his dream wife. In this long-awaited drama, shots will be shown in which they snort cocaine, bathe in champagne and have sex as if there is no tomorrow. In one scene, this rocker in love is courting an actress by telling her, "Pamela, you're by far the worst, brightest, sexiest, sharpest girl I've ever met. Besides you, Carmen Electra is a witch."Pamela did not want to have anything to do with the creation of this series and reportedly stated that she would never watch it. The actress who embodies her said she was disappointed with it and added that she really hoped Pamela would be involved. She wish it was different.

In real life, Pamela and Tommy got married on a Mexican beach, the actress wore only a bikini, and they only knew each other for four days. After that, they continued to live wildlife, and sex, drugs and rock'n'roll at Tommy's house in Malibu were not lacking. After a lot of antics, everything fell into the water when their sex video leaked, which is what the whole series revolves around.

The series begins with this scandal and shows electrician Rand Gauthier, played by Seth Rogen (39), questioning Tommy about whether he can afford to pay for a water bed, a luxury shower and a sex swing he sets up. In response, Tommy nails it to the wall and says, “Cost? I don't care about the cost. I sold ten million albums. You don't think I'm rich enough for that? That I can't afford a water bed? "

After firing him for allegedly looking at his Pamela, he drove him off the property with a gun. To get revenge on Tommy, Rand takes their sex tape and copies it into thousands of copies. Of course, Pamela and Tommy sued the former employee, but due to the development of the Internet at the time, the spread of the footage could not be stopped.

The couple's marriage was tumultuous, but their porn ended their relationship. Pamela and Tommy had sons Brandon and Dylan, and they divorced in 1998.

A year after that, Pamela also left "Baywatch" to start an unhappy film career. She married five more times, to Kid Rock in 2006, Rick Salomon in 2007, and again in 2014. In 2020, she married Jon Peters, and later that year, Dan Hayhurst. She announced this week that her marriage had just come to an end.

In 2019, Tommy married internet star Brittany Furlan, who is 34 years younger than him. He never felt the same kind of shame about a sex tape as Pamela.