Paparazzi managed to catch Pamela Anderson without a shred of makeup!

Pamela Anderson was the main target of the paparazzi these days when she appeared at the opening of her son Brandon’s clothing line, who looks just like his famous father.

Nov 11, 2021 - 07:52
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Paparazzi managed to catch Pamela Anderson without a shred of makeup!

Actress Pamela Anderson announced in January this year that she was retiring from Instagram and has not posted a single photo since, but has been the target of paparazzi in Los Angeles in recent days. The famous blonde was captured by photographers without a shred of makeup while she was going for coffee in Malibu, and she was wearing a casual combination.

She ignored the paparazzi's attention, and she seemed in a great mood. Pamela, who has been avoiding the media as much as she can lately, made an exception and allowed the paparazzi to catch her. 

A few days ago, she shone at the opening of her son Brandon’s clothing line. She put her lush curves to the fore and was very proud of her 25-year-old son. Also present at the ceremony was Brandon's father, Pamela's ex-husband Tommy Lee, who was in the company of his young wife Brittany Furlan. Many say that Brandon strongly resembles his father.

By the way, Pamela and Tommy met in 1995 and stood in front of the altar after less than a week of relationship, and in marriage, they had two sons. The famous actress surprised everyone a few months ago when she announced that she was marrying her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst. The couple will soon celebrate their first year of marriage, which reportedly began with Pamela ruining a family of five.

Hayhurst's ex-wife attacked Pamela in the media and called her a house wreck, emphasizing that she stole her man. According to her, Dan started working for Pamela in the fall of 2019 and mocked her madness and demands. But everything reportedly changed in March last year when they started spending more and more time together.

By: Olivia J.