Persistence pays off: UN diet

It requires a lot of sacrifices and lasts 90 days, but with it you can lose up to an incredible 25 kilograms.

Jul 23, 2022 - 14:14
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Persistence pays off: UN diet

The UN diet is one of the most popular for years, mainly due to its effectiveness. The biggest difference from other diets is certainly that it lasts a full 90 days and that it is quite restrictive, but precisely because of its duration, in addition to weight loss, a permanent acceleration of metabolism is achieved, which prevents the yo-yo effect.

During all 90 days, the diet boils down to alternating protein, starch, carbohydrate and fruit days, and it is important to adhere to the exact schedule and not to mix days. Also, during all 90 days, only fruit is eaten for breakfast, as a rule, two of the same fruit trees, or one banana, or a handful of dried fruit. Once a month, on the 29th day, a day is spent drinking only water, after which the protein day is resumed. It is allowed to drink coffee and tea every day but without sugar. Juices are recommended to be avoided. The interval between meals during a protein day is at least 4 hours, during a starch and carbohydrate day at least 3 hours, and during a fruit day, at least 2 hours. After the 90-day diet, the fruit must be eaten for breakfast for another 90 days, during which another 3 kilograms should be lost, which is an indication that there has been a permanent acceleration of metabolism. If necessary, the diet can be repeated, but only after a one-month break. 



It is allowed to eat meat (about 250 grams) - boiled, stewed or baked, 3 boiled or baked eggs, dairy products, or fish, and it is only important not to mix different types of food. If meat is eaten, no dairy products or eggs are eaten. One slice of wholemeal bread and unlimited salad are allowed, with a maximum of one teaspoon of oil. On the protein day, you must also eat one cup of clear soup, without pasta, unless you eat dairy products when you can drink a cup of yogurt or milk instead of soup.


It is eaten the same as for lunch, but half the portion, and without soup and bread. If meat was eaten for lunch, the same meat is eaten for dinner.



It is allowed to eat carrots, peas, lentils, rice and potatoes, cooked, with the addition of spices such as salt, vegetables, pepper and cooked tomatoes. You can eat a full plate, and a slice of bread and a salad are also allowed.


It is eaten the same as for lunch, but half the portion and without bread.



It is allowed to eat spicy cooked pasta, pizza only with ketchup, or some bakery product such as pastries. 


It is allowed to eat two small pieces of cake, a couple of cakes, or 3-4 scoops of ice cream. One row of dark chocolate must be eaten.


Fruit is eaten in unlimited quantities throughout the day. 


One day you have to be especially determined because water is the only thing you are allowed to consume, but look at it on the positive side - your body will also be cleansed of toxins.

Post By: Vanessa F.