Pluto Retrograde is here to change everything!

Pluto will begin its retrograde journey on April 29. This is also the last time that Pluto will move retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. 

Apr 28, 2022 - 01:26
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Pluto Retrograde is here to change everything!

Pluto will begin its retrograde journey on April 29. This is also the last time that Pluto will move retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. As this journey draws to a close, his lessons will only intensify.

The day after Pluto begins to move retrograde, we have the first eclipse in 2022 - a partial solar eclipse and a New Moon in Taurus. Eclipses always represent change and transformation and often unlock the doors of higher states of consciousness. Together with Pluto's retrograde motion, we definitely have a strong energy that will run through most of the eclipse season.

Pluto moves slowly, traveling only a few degrees of the zodiac each year. This slow movement means that Pluto has time to really go deep into the teachings and gifts he brings to each zodiac.

Whenever a planet moves slowly, like Pluto, its retrograde motion is often one that we do not notice so much on a conscious level. Retrograde occurs when the planet seems to be moving backward from our point of view here on Earth, but as Pluto hardly moves, this apparent backward movement is not one we can really see too clearly, at least not with our own eyes.

However, while Pluto's movements are slow on the surface, in hidden layers, in our etheric body, and in our subconscious, the energy moves strongly. Ancient astrologers believed that when a planet enters a retrograde state, it travels through the underworld or our subconscious, discovering hidden messages, secrets, and things hidden in the shadows.

Pluto is considered the master of the underworld, so it enhances the energy of the shadow. In a sense, the guardian of the underworld himself is called to look at his own shadows, his ignored intuitive messages, and his own subconscious in order to eradicate everything that is unnecessary and for which there is no more room.

Pluto is a transformative force and rules the cycle of death and rebirth. While in Capricorn, he is working hard to bring about changes in powerful corporations, governments, long-established financial institutions, and the world of big business - all areas that have been touched by the combination of Pluto and Capricorn.

In our lives, Pluto's entry into retrograde motion is a time when we can think about our own transformative journey. The last retrograde motion of Pluto ended in October 2021, so think about how you have transformed since then? How did you use Pluto's energy to face your shadows and come out stronger and reborn?

Pluto embodies the process of death and rebirth. He is always present in those moments in life when we are going through a process of transformation. The darker, more painful sides of these transformative journeys can sometimes attract our attention under retrograde Pluto. While we become more sensitive to them and to how they have changed us, they also allow us to gain clarity and strength when it comes to how far we have come.

If you’ve made big, life-changing decisions in the past few months, you may realize that new insights are opening up to you, or you may need a new way to approach things. Change, endings, and the idea of ​​loss can always be a daunting thing, but remember, Pluto's energy is often subtle and delicate. His slow movements give us time to adjust, time to grieve, and time to stop and figure out what to do.

The time of retrograde Pluto gives us the opportunity to slowly and steadily clear the way, shake things that are stagnant again and continue to progress on our journey. By the time Pluto goes straight again, we will have a much clearer understanding of our next chapter.

Release all the shadows from your past that contribute to blockages or pain, release what is no longer in your control, step into your power and be ready to start a new phase of life.