Prince Charles will not be with his sons at the unveiling of the statue of Princess Diana tomorrow. Apparently he is afraid ...

Along with the princes at the ceremony at Kensington Palace, there will also be sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley, who has been creating the statue since 2017.

Jul 1, 2021 - 05:58
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Prince Charles will not be with his sons at the unveiling of the statue of Princess Diana tomorrow. Apparently he is afraid ...

Fearing that his "old wounds will be opened", Prince Charles (72) will not be present at tomorrow's unveiling of the monument of Princess Diana in Kensington Palace, claims a source close to the court, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The prince reportedly said he was afraid he might be overwhelmed by emotions and that "happy, sad, and moments full of regret" would surface.

Princes William (39) and Harry (36) will be present at the ceremony, which will take place on the occasion of Diana's 60th birthday, and the British media are already speculating that the brothers, who have not been on good terms lately, will put aside all disagreements.

The brothers last paid their respects to their prematurely deceased mother in a similar way in 2017, when they organized a private prayer at her grave, which is located in Northamptonshire. Charles was not present then either - he was on a trip, on an official visit to Canada.

- Such moments are extremely difficult for him. In similar situations, his old wounds reopen - Charles' friend told The Times, adding: - Since Diana died, he thinks it's best to keep all the memories to himself - he said, explaining that the father lets his sons carry their pain for themselves.

He will do the same this time; one source told The Sun that "Charles made it clear that he would not be around because he is going on a trip to Scotland."

"The prince has no plans to meet with his sons," he says.

By the way, information has already been leaked to the public that Prince William plans to see the mother's monument together with his wife and children even before the official unveiling.

According to the Telegraph, Prince Harry had the same intention but was prevented because he is currently in quarantine in Windsor. He has to do the self-isolation because he came to Britain from his home in California.

The coronavirus has also generally disrupted plans for the ceremonial unveiling of Diana's statue - only a few people, princes, and some of the relatives of the late princess will be present. Only one photographer and journalist is allowed to enter. The statue will be placed in the garden which was Diana’s favorite place in the palace.

Harry and William plan to give speeches in honor of their mother, and it is not yet known whether the event will be attended by 39-year-old Kate, William's wife, who the British media write could potentially be a "buffer zone" between the two princes who are lately not in the best relations.

Kate and William reportedly told their friends that they would do their best not to turn this event into a circus, that is, that disturbed family relations should not be a reason to divert attention from the topic of the gathering - and that is the great legacy of Princess Diana, a celebration of her character and deeds.

The ceremony will also be attended by sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley, who has been working on creating this statue since 2017. The process of making the sculpture took a long time due to discussions about the design and what period of Diana's life the sculpture should represent. He is, by the way, best known for chiseling Queen Elizabeth, and his work has been on British coins since 1998.

For this reason, a commission has even been set up, with the aim of finding the most suitable way to pay tribute to one of the most famous princesses in the world. Over the years, the family has also expressed its opinion, often criticizing that no artist has been able to capture the core of Diana's spirit.

In addition to taking care of the aesthetic criteria, the commission also provided funds for the statue; investors reportedly include Sir Elton John and David Furnish.

By: Olivia J. - Gossip Whispers