Provocative photos of Madonna and her daughter

After controversial photos, she is now posing with her daughter and both are in provocative releases. Madonna is in a lace corset and daughter in a latex bikini.

Dec 21, 2021 - 02:11
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Provocative photos of Madonna and her daughter

Recently, in one show, Madonna lay down on a table in the middle of the program, so she posted a series of photos on Instagram in which she poses half-naked in provocative poses. And while some are wondering how she looks so good at the age of 63, others roll their eyes and condemn the Queen of Pop most terribly. However, Madonna managed to surprise us again, and this time her daughter helped her with that.

Last week, Lourdes Leon posed for a photo in her mother's style for the January issue of Paper magazine, and numerous comments below the pictures were: "Same Mother", "You Picture Yourself as a Mother", "Almost the Same as Madonna". It is also interesting that those photos were published only a few weeks after Madonna posted photos of her bare breasts on Instagram in a series of explicit shots from the bedroom, which were later removed from the platform due to violations of Instagram community rules. And then the mother and daughter took pictures together in a provocative outburst and once again set the Internet on fire.

They both posed in black combinations, and while Lourdes had a latex bikini and an ultra-short skirt, Madonna "tried" something else. Mesh socks, leather gloves, lace and corset, and lots of jewelry. Her daughter had quite a stage make-up, in green and purple tones, while Madonna had more reduced make-up.

What attracted the most attention again was Madonna's perfect face, and whether it's Botox or Photoshop, read for yourself, mostly, the two of them in the photo look pretty good!

However, Madonna and her daughter are not the only ones who were photographed in sadomasochistic sets, actress Lisa Rina and her daughter Amelia have similar photos. And now, we wonder who are the next famous moms and daughters who will continue this trend in painting.