Stunning Danielle Lloyd a month after giving birth

Former Miss Great Britain was photographed a month after giving birth, and people can't believe. They look at her pictures and wonder "how is this possible".

Dec 21, 2021 - 01:50
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Stunning Danielle Lloyd a month after giving birth

British model Danielle Lloyd, former Miss Great Britain, gave birth for the fifth time a month ago. This time she gave birth to a baby girl, and everyone was amazed by the photos taken by the paparazzi just a month after giving birth. This woman looks amazing!

Danielle Lloyd attracted special public attention back in 2006 when she was stripped of the title of Miss Great Britain after posing naked in the Playboy magazine the same year. However, the title was returned to her in 2010, and she still, today, 15 years later often stirred up the public.

This is exactly what she did recently when she returned to OnlyFans, a site known for posting adult content, or explicit photos and recordings. Then she scolded everyone who condemned her, telling them that she earns that way and that it is because of OnlyFans that her children have a beautiful life.

By the way, the paparazzi photographed the former Miss on the streets of London, in a relaxed version, jeans, top, and jacket, and everyone's eyes caught her belly in the muscles because Danielle gave birth only a month ago and people just do not understand how this 38-year-old it looks so phenomenal. In addition to her one-month-old daughter, the model also has four sons, and this is her second marriage.

Recall, in an interview with BCC two years ago, the model admitted that in her youth, under the burden of popularity, she became insecure and obsessed with looks, and she wanted to raise her self-confidence with cosmetic surgery.

She admitted that after the breast augmentation, one implant almost cost her her life.

"One morning I woke up in a pool of blood. The implant just “exploded” during the night. I ended up in the hospital and was on the verge of death. I lost three and a half liters of blood and an adult has between four and six liters in his body. I survived thanks to a transfusion. " Danielle said at the time.