Rebel Wilson comes out as gay

At the age of 42, the actress informed the public that she had started a love affair with a person of the same sex.

Jun 9, 2022 - 16:10
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Rebel Wilson comes out as gay

Rebel Wilson surprised her followers on the social network Instagram when she informed everyone that she was in love again. What surprised them was the fact that she started a romance with a woman.

The actress looked overjoyed while she posed with her girlfriend Ramon Agrum, and with the photo, she left a message that softened many. “I thought I was looking for my Disney prince, but maybe what I wanted all the time was actually a Disney princess - the actress wrote and added the hashtag "love is love", and emoticons of heart and rainbow. Wilson recently boasted that she has lost more than 80 pounds, and now she is happy to show off her thin and toned figure. So far, apart from posting on Instagram, Rebel has not said anything publicly, but it is known that her girlfriend is a fashion designer and owner of a fashion brand. 

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It is not known when they started the relationship, but according to the media, they were seen at the "Super Bowl" in February, after which Ramon joined Rebel in early March to celebrate her birthday in Mexico. The last guy Rebel confirmed her relationship with was Jacob Busch. They started dating just before the coronavirus pandemic broke out, and as a couple, they appeared on the red carpet in Monaco. But the relationship ended in February last year.

By the way, some time ago Rebel admitted that she was harassed at work. Actress Rebel Wilson has been suffocating herself for years, keeping the secret that she experienced discomfort from a colleague while filming the set. "He invited me into the room and took off my pants," says Rebel, recalling the situation when a colleague asked her to perform a lewd act in front of her friends, which she talked about to some extent last year. “It was awful and disgusting. And the behavior after, it was all before the #MeToo movement, where they somehow tried to ruin both me and my career. If it had happened after #MeToo, then I could have simply ruined them” - she says, emphasizing that she had to stand up for herself.