Relationship between Ben's future and ex-wife

The relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner is on a friendly level.

May 2, 2022 - 18:39
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Relationship between Ben's future and ex-wife

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are inseparable in recent months, and their fans are thrilled with the news that the famous couple is together, 20 years after their first engagement failed. Many wondered how his ex-wife, actress Jennifer Garner, with whom he has three children, would react to the news.

A source close to the former couple revealed that Jennifer wished happiness to her future spouses and that the actor would kneel she knew a few days in advance.‘Ben told Jen and the kids so they knew. She is happy for Ben and knows that J. Lo has a good influence on him in some way, ' the source revealed.

Jennifer Garner proved that her ex-husband's new love doesn't bother her at all by meeting a couple in love. This meeting took place at their children’s school where Ben and J.Lo came to support the children at the school event, and their mother Jennifer Garner was also there. Jennifer Lopez's children were also present.

Jennifer and Ben held hands when they arrived at the school, while Jennifer Garner came with all their children (including Jennifer Lopez's children) and drove off with them.