Renfield - An Upcoming Horror Movie about Dracula's Servant

Renfield is an upcoming horror movie that promises to deliver a fresh and terrifying take on the classic Dracula story. The movie is centered around the character of Renfield, a mental patient who becomes the loyal servant of Dracula. This article will provide an overview of what we know about the upcoming movie, including its plot, cast, and release date.

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Renfield - An Upcoming Horror Movie about Dracula's Servant

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Renfield follows the story of R.M. Renfield, a man who is committed to an insane asylum after he becomes convinced that he must consume insects to survive. While in the asylum, Renfield is chosen by Dracula to become his loyal servant, and he is granted immortality and supernatural powers in exchange for his loyalty. Renfield must then help Dracula achieve his ultimate goal of taking over the world, while battling his own inner demons and the forces of good.


Renfield boasts an impressive cast of actors, including Nicholas Hoult as Renfield, Willem Dafoe as Van Helsing, and Mackenzie Davis as Mina Harker. The cast also includes other notable actors such as Mark Gatiss, Stephen Fry, and Anya Taylor-Joy. With such a talented cast, viewers can expect a high level of acting and a truly immersive cinematic experience.

Release Date

Renfield is set to be released on April 7, 2023, and horror fans around the world are eagerly anticipating its release. The movie is being produced by Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions, two studios that are well-known for their expertise in horror and thriller films. With such a strong production team behind it, Renfield is sure to be a hit with horror fans.


Renfield is more than just a horror movie about vampires and supernatural powers. The movie explores themes of power, loyalty, and redemption. Renfield must grapple with his own demons and his desire for power, while also remaining loyal to Dracula. The movie also explores the concept of redemption, as Renfield seeks to atone for his past sins and find a way to escape the grip of evil.

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In conclusion, Renfield is an upcoming horror movie that promises to be both terrifying and thought-provoking. With its talented cast, gripping plot, and exploration of complex themes, Renfield is sure to be a hit with horror fans and moviegoers alike. We can't wait to see what the movie has in store and to experience the emotional journey of R.M. Renfield as he navigates the dangerous world of Dracula and the forces of darkness.