Richard Linklater returns with the new film "Hit Man"!

Glen Powell is a charming master of disguise in the movie "Hit Man".

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Richard Linklater returns with the new film "Hit Man"!

Richard Linklater returns to the screen with his new project, the movie "Hit Man". After a successful screening at numerous film festivals in 2023, the first trailer for "Hit Man", the long-awaited action comedy starring Glen Powell, arrived.

What can we expect?

Based on a Texas Monthly magazine article, the film follows a professor who turns out to be a fake assassin Gary Johnson (Powell). He finds himself in trouble when he falls in love with a woman ( Adria Arjona ) who hires him for his supposed skills. The teaser gives us a sneak peek at their relationship, as well as Gary's impressive disguise skills, without revealing too much about the chaos the two will find themselves in when the film hits Netflix in June.

It's Linklater's look on the romantic comedy, which means it's anything but a standard romance, and at first glance, it seems ready to fulfill the high expectations set by the previous movies released at film festivals over the past year. Linklater holds the director's baton and signs the script for the film, on which he was also assisted by Powell in his first screenwriting effort.

With the success in “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Anyone but You,” Powell writes himself the role of a lifetime with “Hit Man,” collaborating with Linklater on the script. The comedy was one of the biggest hits at the Venice Film Festival.
Linklater is famous for his previous work on films the “Before” romance trilogy, the cult favored “Dazed and Confused” and the drama “Boyhood,” in which he analyzed themes linked to adolescence and aging. Linklater and Powell previously collaborated on the college baseball ensemble comedy “Everybody Wants Some!!” and the animated adventure “Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Childhood,” also released on Netflix.

The film "Hit Man" will premiere on Netflix on June 7.

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