Riot will monitor Valorant's voice chat

Toxicity is an issue in online games, and Valorant is no exception.

Jun 29, 2022 - 20:07
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Riot will monitor Valorant's voice chat

It is easy to differentiate between a punctual hot flash at a given moment, which can happen to any of us (and almost certainly has happened to us), and another very different one, which is to justify the one who makes the insult the house brand.

That is not a competitive personality; that is being an idiot, and excusing it simply serves to reinforce its dominance. Whether in Valorant, Twitter, or Telegram messaging.

Riot will begin monitoring Valorant's voice chat for such attitudes. The studio will begin gathering voice data from Valorant matches played in North America on July 13.

Riot plans to utilize the data to "get its AI model in a decent enough spot for a beta release later this year." The business maintains that it will not utilize voice screening for allegations of inappropriate behavior during this initial stage. However, if the AI training goes well, Valorant's voice chat will no longer be a free insult and bullying zone by early 2023.

Unfortunately, we're all aware of Riot's awful handling of Vanguard, Valorant's anti-cheat technology that turned out to be about as privacy-friendly as Pegasus. Riot has an obligation to be as honest as technically and humanly possible in this regard.

The key, in our opinion, is when Riot can demonstrate without a shadow of a doubt that the audio collected in Valorant's voice chat will be used solely for the identification of poisonous comments and attitudes. If that's the case, kudos to the company; We think it's a step in the right way.

Post by Bryan C.