Ed Sheeran claims Robbie Williams helped him change his life around

Musician Ed Sheeran admitted that he used to lead a party lifestyle and often felt lonely after the concert

Oct 30, 2021 - 09:21
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Ed Sheeran claims Robbie Williams helped him change his life around

Music star Ed Sheeran has admitted that famous senior colleague Robbie Williams helped him change his lifestyle. The 30-year-old artist revealed that he used to find himself in quite dangerous situations during the tours, but it was Williams who was with him in those difficult moments.

According to Sheeran, as a solo performer, he often used to feel lonely after the performance was over. As he did not want people to feel sorry for him, he described that going to a new place would often mean wandering around the clubs, given that the other members of his team were older, married and parents, so they were not interested in partying.

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In an interview with The Sun, the owner of the hit "Shape of You" said:

"I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I was literally going out on my own, not knowing anyone, walking into a bar, and seeing where the night took me. I ended up in situations which were pretty dangerous, and now I think there are so many times where things could have happened to me and I’m very grateful that they didn’t," the flame-haired singer said.

He also stressed that, just like his friends experienced musicians who put him back on track, he himself would love to help young rising stars in the same way. He added that he feels a "real connection" with Robbie Williams after contacting him and explained that solo performers can "end up leaning on different things" while their band is not with them.

I had a long conversation with him and he was very caring towards me. He still often checks me on how I am. And now I'm trying to do it for the younger generation because I really appreciate that move, "said Ed Sheeran, whose album" Equals "was released yesterday and which he describes as a result of the crisis of growing up.

He explained that he grew working on the album and that he feels like a mature person considering that he touched on the birth of his first child, but also the death of his friend and tour promoter Michael Gudinski.

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Sheeran and his wife Cherry Seaborn became the parents of a little girl whom they named Lyra in August 2020, and the music star revealed that he would love to have more children.

In an interview for the Open House podcast in July, Ed said:

I would obviously be super grateful if I could have more children, but I think girls are much superior to boys. Since I’m a man myself, I feel like I can say that. We are lucky to have one child as well, but I would really love to have another. I am very happy for one child, and even if nothing else happens, I am very satisfied, really".

By: Sarah R.