Shock: Old photos of Elon Musk with bruises!

Amber Heard allegedly beat her ex-boyfriend, billionaire Elon Musk, and admitted that she never loved him.

May 23, 2022 - 03:24
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Shock: Old photos of Elon Musk with bruises!

The trial between former spouses Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is underway. Depp sued the actress for a staggering $ 50 million in defamation, and a number of ugly details of their, fortunately, short marriage in which they were insulted, beaten and abused were presented in court.

However, most of the public sided with the actor because Amber has been caught lying several times, and Depp's lawyers are trying to prove that their client never raised his hand against his ex-wife, but that it was all a lie. This is also claimed by their neighbors who pointed out that they have never seen Amber with bruises.

So it’s no surprise that social media has been flooded with photos of another of her ex-lovers with bruises on his head in recent days, and that is a billionaire Elon Musk who publicly cried after the breakup.

Recall, the billionaire fell in love with a ‘Hollywood male eater’ during her divorce from Depp. Interestingly, Musk offered the actress 24/7 protection from the allegedly ‘violent’ Hollywood seducer. Elon and Amber broke up for the first time in 2017 due to crowded schedules, and then reconciled the following year, but even then they failed.

Elon then cried for the actress in front of the whole world in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

'I just broke up with a girl. I was very much in love and now I am very hurt. She broke up with me more than I broke up with her, I think. I was very depressed and I had to try not to look like that, ' revealed Musk, who was teased for weeks about the interview.

But as it usually goes, claims quickly leaked that Amber lived at his expense and that she was very manipulative and violent, but Musk never commented or confirmed it. During the trial, Amber's messages in which she admitted that she never really loved Musk leaked. She admitted that she used him to "fill in the gaps" and "alleviate her sadness".Interestingly, the billionaire had previously publicly supported her, but after those messages, he no longer advertised.

Amber also beat her ex-girlfriend, and there are numerous testimonies that she was a 'boss from hell' as well as a colleague. We will find out soon whether her Hollywood career came to an end this time.