South Park released a "Post Covid" episode!

"They killed Kenny, motherfu**ers ...!". Now for real. Paramount + has released in the United States 'Post COVID', a new ' South Park ' movie!

Nov 26, 2021 - 07:46
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South Park released a "Post Covid" episode!

"They killed Kenny, mother***kers ...!". Now for real. Paramount + has released 'Post COVID', a new ' South Park ' movie to celebrate Thanksgiving, and we bring you some of the surprises that the new special brings.

As we advanced a few days ago, 'Post COVID' shows us the leading children of 'South Park' turned into adults. Of course, the action is now set several decades in the future and shows us that Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman have not spoken for a long time. Not to mention that Stan is an online whiskey consultant in a relationship with a holographic Alexa, Cartman has converted to Judaism (after years of anti-Semitic harassment of Kyle), and Kenny has become a highly successful millionaire scientist.

Stan, Kyle, and Cartman meet in South Park for Kenny's funeral, who, of course, has died. Only that his death this time is something serious: it has been because of a new variant of the coronavirus called COVID Delta + Rewards. Soon his friends will begin to suspect that his death was not exactly accidental and that Kenny was investigating the origin of the coronavirus.

This is one of 14 films announced in August by the creators of 'South Park'. Trey Parker and Matt Stones signed a contract with ViacomCBS to make two films a year until 2027, and the series was also renewed up until that year.