SPL MTC Mk2: new monitor & talkback controller

Apr 28, 2022 - 09:16
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SPL MTC Mk2: new monitor & talkback controller

SPL's Monitor & Talkback Controller MTC, which is popular among professionals, has a replacement, the SPL MTC MK2. SPL's HiFi range consistently receives high reviews, but sound engineers, in particular, swear by the Lower Rhine-based brand. 

So, how did SPL improve the MTC Mk2? SPL developer Bastian Neu intends to improve the signal quality, among other things, and a shovel has been added to the capabilities.

There is now a wider range of sources and loudspeakers available, as well as several monitoring modes, an integrated premium talkback system, a headphone amplifier with phonitor matrix, an additional feed path for an individual artist mix, and an internal audio operating voltage of +/-18 volts.

The Phonitor matrix, which SPL also employs in its high-end headphone amplifiers, deserves special notice in this context. "The SPL Phonitor matrix corrects the misrepresentation of the stereo sound picture, substantially simplifying the decision-making process for the mix or mastering engineer," according to SPL.

"The music can be experienced as it was originally mixed and recorded by the hi-fi enthusiast." So, then…

Specialist shops are now stocking the MTC Mk2 Monitor & Talkback Controller.


Analog inputs & outputs; XLR & TRS Jack (balanced), RCA

Maximum input gain (XLR, TRS Jack) 22.5 dBu

Maximum input gain (RCA) 22.5 dBu

Input impedance (TRS Jack) 20 kΩ

Input impedance (RCA) 20 kΩ

Output impedance (XLR) 75 Ω

Common mode rejection (1 kHz) 80 dBu

Frequency range (-3 dB) 10 Hz – 150 kHz

THD + N (10 Hz – 22 kHz, 0 dB) 0.0027 %

Noise (A-weighted) -94.3 dB

Dynamic range (XLR, TRS Jack) 116.3 dB

Dynamic range (RCA) 116.3 dB

Internal Linear Power Supply with Toroidal Transformer

Operating voltage for analog audio +/- 18 V

Operating voltage for relais und LEDs + 12 V

Mains Power Supply

Mains voltage 85-264 V AC / 47-440 Hz

Fuse 1 A

Power consumption 15 W

Dimensions & Weight

W x H x D (width x height x depth) 272 x 91 x 275 mm, 10.71 x 3.58 x 10.83 inch

Unit weight 3 kg 6.61 lbs

Shipping weight (incl. packaging) 4.2 kg 9.26 lbs