Steven Tyler volunteered for rehabilitation!

Aerosmith performances are canceled for June and July because they wanted to allow Tyler to focus on his recovery.

May 25, 2022 - 16:49
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Steven Tyler volunteered for rehabilitation!

A member of the American rock band Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, volunteered for rehabilitation after a relapse. This was the information that his band members revealed.

'As many of you know, our beloved brother Steven has been working for years to stop being addicted to drugs,' the band wrote about the 74-year-old singer in a joint statement on Tuesday.'After foot surgery, in wish to prepare for the performance and cure the pain, he recently volunteered for a treatment program to focus on his health and recovery,' band members added.

Aerosmith performances have been canceled for June and July because they agreed to allow Tyler to focus on his well-being.

'We will continue with our dates for 2022, starting in September, and we will keep you informed of further news as soon as we can. We are horrified that we have caused so many disappointments, especially in our most loyal fans who often travel long distances to participate in our performances,' they explained and provided information on the refund.

Fans on Instagram, among other things, wished Tyler a speedy recovery and told him to stay strong. Perry, Hamilton, Kramer and Whitford initially helped Tyler stay sober by intervening in 1988, and this is what Tyler himself commented for Haute Living in December 2019.

'It took me many years to get rid of the anger caused by sending me to rehab while they went on vacation,' the singer recalled and added that he owes them today for staying clean. The singer and songwriter told the magazine that although drugging gave his performances a ‘certain rawness’, drug addiction nevertheless inhibited his ‘greatness’.

'All the magic you thought worked while you were intoxicated comes to the fore when you stop,' he said, noting that he was clean for nine years.

He adds that this put him in danger of losing his loved ones-his four adult children: 44-year-old Liv, 43-year-old Mia, 33-year-old Chelsea and 31-year-old Taj. Recall, Tyler was a very rebellious child from the earliest days. He spent his childhood in the Bronx and reportedly lost his virginity at the age of seven with twins from France, after serving in the church.