Synology releases DiskStation Manager 7.1

When it comes to network storage devices like those from Synology, the hardware and its dependability and performance are obviously important, but we must not overlook the relevance of the operating system that regulates them. And we rely on it to have more or fewer features, as well as the tools to operate the gadget in the best way possible. We can't accomplish much with the hardware unless we have software.

Jun 6, 2022 - 17:14
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Synology releases DiskStation Manager 7.1

As a result, whenever Synology releases an update to Disk Station Manager, the management software for its NAS, it is very interesting to learn about its new features and improvements, as they are an indicator of what we can do with the device and, as a result, if it adapts to what we are looking for and need. In the age of the cloud, Synology has also advanced in the integration of Disk Station Manager and Synology C2, its cloud platform for both professional and personal use.

If one of the key innovations of DiskStation Manager 7.0 was the significant increase in the integration of the company's cloud services, DSM 7.1, which was already published by Synology, adds a series of significant upgrades for device users. Everything from usability to security. We take a peek at what this new edition includes.

DSM 7.1 includes a comprehensive system backup option powered by Synology Active Backup for Business for data protection. This capability makes system recovery considerably easier and faster than it would be under normal circumstances. Furthermore, in a professional setting, it enables the rapid deployment of the same configuration to several systems.

DSM 7.0 introduced a new, more intuitive user interface, which in version 7.1 receives some additional enhancements, such as the optimization of background tasks, over which we have more control and oversight. Furthermore, Synology has improved the device overview, or the group of devices if they are in a cluster. A single administrator instance will be able to administer the entire installation, greatly simplifying things.