Tesla accepts orders for an electric truck

May 16, 2022 - 14:49
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Tesla accepts orders for an electric truck

The Tesla electric truck (or as they like to call it Tesla Semi) has started the pre-order process.

Tesla, the leading manufacturer of electric cars, goes a step further. It was this company that announced that it was starting to receive orders for the first electric trucks ( Tesla Semi truck ).

It is a model of a truck not only powered by electricity (as is the case with Tesla cars), but the design itself is extremely minimalist. We have a similar opportunity to look at various models of Tesla cars.

Tesla's electric trucks will be presented on the market in two versions. The first is one that brings a mileage capacity of 483 and its price will be $ 150,000 while the second will be slightly more powerful or will bring a crossing capacity of 804 miles and its price will be $ 180,000.

Both models will have a payload of 36 tons while accelerating to 97km / h in 20 seconds, even if the truck is under full load. Which for one truck is certainly very worthy of attention, mention, and admiration.

Furthermore, the Tesla electric truck brings an extremely unusual design, which can be seen in the photos below, but we must say that the central control center of the truck is located in the middle of the cabin.

To the left and right of the driver are two screens (computers) through which it is possible to monitor all parameters in the driving and condition of the truck. For now, the photos show the blue and red model of the truck, but it is expected that when the Tesla electric truck is on the market, the color palette will be significantly wider and more accessible.

We must say that Tesla requires that if there are those who are interested in buying, they must participate with a $ 20,000 participation that will be deducted from the total amount of the truck when it appears on the market, ie is delivered to the user.


For now, we do not know what date is planned for the launch, or the availability of sales, but we are sure that we will not wait much for the same since pre-orders are open, pre-orders depending on who prefers to say.

One of the advantages of switching to Tesla's electric truck compared to "ordinary" trucks is the significant cost savings. It is estimated that on an annual basis this amount could be $ 100,000 and more.

Of course when you add up the cost of fuel, maintenance, and other benefits that truckers have on a daily basis. We are of the opinion that Tesla's electric trucks will not come to life soon, after all, it was similar to Tesla's cars.

It took years and years for consumers, and customers to get used to the fact that the market has received new models for use and the opportunity to acquire the habit of using electricity as a "fuel".