Believe it or not-this is Megan Fox!

Because of the disorder, she has become 'the most plastic beauty in Hollywood' and now there is no going back.

May 16, 2022 - 15:16
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Believe it or not-this is Megan Fox!

The Billboard Music Awards were held last night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, and the famous music and acting couple Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly also appeared on the 'red carpet'.

And while we are already used to the rapper's fashion expression, the black suit with spikes and diamonds was not surprising to anyone. But, what is still hard to accept is the look of Megan Fox.

Although she has been named the most beautiful woman in the world many times, at the age of 36, Megan looks like she is 20, all because of the many corrections she has made on her face. With so much makeup on, she additionally looks like a wax figure, and her taut face without flaws is absolutely unrealistic.

No matter how hard she tried to hide the fact that she had fixed everything on herself, we all know that it doesn’t really go through in public, and then a few months ago she decided to reveal that she suffers from physical dysmorphia. Namely, it is a mental disorder that characterizes the experience of a sick person that parts of his body are deformed, unattractive, ugly, or even disgusting, while the defect he talks about is actually barely visible or does not even exist. These people often compare their appearance with the appearance of others, they check their appearance in the mirror, ask others for reassurance about how they look, and on the other hand, they insist on the ugliness of their appearance. Others go on a diet, exercise, use various cosmetic products or go for plastic surgery.

Recall, the couple got engaged in January this year, and because of him, Megan divorced actor Brian Austin Green, with whom she was married for ten years and they have three children. Megan talked earlier about her love for the musician and pointed out that she had imagined such a man since the age of four.

He is totally my type that I have been literally manifesting since I was four. Also, I am four years older than him. So I think I created it. My thoughts and intentions have shaped him into the person he is. Who knows what he would look like or who he would be if it weren’t for me” – said Megan.