The artist creates amazing Bridgerton clothes from paper

Textile artist Stephanie Smart inspired by Bridgerton recreates stunningly complicated paper costumes. She created an entire collection of dresses, uniforms, even shoes, fans, jackets, and paper caps.

Aug 21, 2021 - 09:01
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The artist creates amazing Bridgerton clothes from paper

Inspired by the hit series ‘Bridgerton’, these costumes have all the pomp, grandeur, and drama of the Regency period. A textile artist, Stephanie Smart of Brighton, used all her skill to recreate the sumptuous costumes of the period.

But surprisingly, her costumes are not made of the finest silk or cotton, but of environmentally friendly paper. Inspired by the hit series, she created a whole collection of dresses, uniforms, even shoes, fans, jackets, and caps made of paper and cotton threads.

She used everything from plain writing paper to paper tablecloths, paper towels, and greasy baking paper to make these stunning works.

For the sake of authenticity, the exhibition will be set up on the historic Firle Place farm in East Sussex, where the film ‘Emma’ with Bill Nighy, Mio Goth, and Miranda Hart is currently being shot.

All dresses, menswear, and uniforms are on display throughout the house, using the room’s historic settings as the perfect backdrop for the costumes.

Smart is also an excellent artist and has founded a unique fashion house called the House of Embroidered Paper, writes the British Daily Mail. It was then that she began to create paper clothes inspired by the moment she was visiting Istanbul and saw a paper kaftan made for the sultan.

It uses the ancient art of quilling from paper or filigree paper that involves rolling, shaping, and gluing paper into decorative patterns to mimic the embroidery, lace, and haberdashery of the time.

I like to see an expression of surprise on people when they realize they’re looking at a piece of clothing made just of paper,” she said. 

“I use different types of paper, depending on what I want to do to achieve as much resemblance as possible to the original piece of clothing from that period,” she explained. 

- Most paper can be processed (sewn) on a sewing machine, even paper towels, so I used everything from printing paper to paper tablecloths, and even greaseproof paper, stitched with gold embroidery thread that I used for gold decorations on jackets she said. 

Her goal is to create a collection that is truly technically complicated and challenging, and beautiful and interesting, to expand her vision of her craft, fashion, and art. 

You can check out Stephanie's Instagram page HERE