The "Breaking Bad" heroes got their statues

The bronze sculptures were made by Trevor Grove

Aug 2, 2022 - 04:25
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The "Breaking Bad" heroes got their statues

Albuquerque, the most populous city in the American state of New Mexico, has been attracting tourists obsessed with the Breaking Bad series for years. Apparently, this place will soon host more pilgrims of this TV drama, since the statues of the main characters of the series, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, were recently unveiled in Albuquerque.

The bronze sculptures were made by Trevor Grove, commissioned by Vince Gilligan, the creator of the Breaking Bad series, as well as its prequel Better Call Saul. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, the main stars of the series, appeared at the unveiling of the statues in Albuquerque and made a statement about the importance of the beloved series to their careers.

"I auditioned for Breaking Bad and my life hasn't been the same since," said Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman in the series, adding: "Thank you for that! Thanks, Albuquerque! Well, we spent practically seven years here during the filming. This city was a big part of my life, and it is still in my heart."

Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White in the series, commented on the statues in a joking tone: "We're delighted, but we're also a little embarrassed to have the statues. It is difficult for a person to mentally prepare for such a thing. In any case, I'm glad they're indoors, so the pigeons won't be able to poop on our heads."

The sculptures were revealed a few days before one of the last episodes of the series Better Call Saul, called Breaking Bad. As you can guess, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will appear in it, which is news that will surely please all fans of both series.

The series, whose story follows a chemistry professor who, due to a serious illness, becomes an unstoppable producer of the blue drug methamphetamine and a terrifying drug lord, has won numerous awards since it aired.

Post by: Rinna James