5 tips on how to make the most of an open living room

The living room is a space where you can do a lot of things

Aug 2, 2022 - 04:38
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5 tips on how to make the most of an open living room

The configurations of apartments and houses have changed over the years and some trends come and go very quickly, while others remain a bit longer. The concept of an open living room is not something new, but the ways in which it is used vary from season to season.

The living room is a space where you can do a lot of things and it can be adapted to these activities - playing with children, watching movies or series marathons, as well as socializing with guests. The area around the couch and TV doesn't have to be cluttered with things to serve its purpose, and how you can make the most of it, find out below.

Be tactical

Even when you don't have a lot of space available, you can make it seem bigger with good choices. Choose furniture that is lower, like a table in the living room, and it will seem like you have more space up to the ceiling. On the other hand, if the bookcase suits you in the living room, use the one that goes all the way to the ceiling because you wouldn't use that space otherwise. Although you wouldn't think it, large rugs open up the space and protect the floor at the same time, and the addition of artwork on the walls and shelves will add an extra touch to the whole home.

Comfortable space with mustard yellow color

The living room can be in any shade you want and it can easily happen that you get killed choosing the one you will use for the walls. In addition to some classic variants, such as white, some experts advise to turn to ocher and mustard shades of yellow. This color, they say, is a good choice for family rooms and fits well with both lighter and darker furniture, which does not limit the later choice.

Choose lighter furniture

One of the best features of open space is that there are lots of possibilities for combining and moving things around. In order to really be able to do that when the need arises, the advice is to choose slightly lighter furniture that can be moved more easily. For the living room, avoid solid wood shelves and huge corner sets, and devote yourself to some smaller pieces that can be combined with other elements. Tables, armchairs, stools, and many other small pieces will be both functional and can beautify the space.

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Make full use of the space

This may not need to be mentioned, but using every part of the space is desirable, and there are many ways to do it. Create storage for toys and an area where the little ones can play on rugs, but so that it does not obscure the dining area or the area around the TV. Hang the bike on the wall or make an ironing board that comes down from the wall and doesn't take up space all the time. There are many ideas, you just need to consider which ones are the most practical.

Break the traditional schedule

When we enter the living room, we all already have some expectations of where things should go, and that's because their basic concept hasn't changed that much. However, with open space, there is room to break those norms. It can be literal, in the case of breaking a single wall, or a little more neutral, by adding parts that might not be expected there. For example, you can place a desk in a recess in the wall, make a bar or otherwise separate the kitchen from the dining room and the rest of the living room, or tuck the corner around the shelf with a reading chair and other decorative elements.

Post by: Rinna James