The British public is angry at Prince Harry!

Prince Harry knows exactly where to stab. The British public is angry at him again. He is scare for safety of his family.

Jan 24, 2022 - 03:27
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The British public is angry at Prince Harry!

Harry, Duke of Sussex, and his wife Meghan lost police protection in the UK after deciding to leave the royal family in 2020. The couple now lives in California with their children Archie and Lilibet.

The prince wants to take the children to visit the UK, but he and his family can not return home because it is too dangerous for them and they do not feel safe. Harry's lawyer said that "extremist and neo-Nazi" threats.

In the summer of 2021, "his safety was threatened by a lack of police protection after he left a charity event," the lawyer said, adding that on June 30, after meeting handicapped children, paparazzi raced after his car on the streets of London.

Prince claims that members of his insurance in the US do not have access to information about insurance in the UK, which is necessary to keep him and his family safe. That is the reason he feels unsafe and unprotected.

The legal action, launched in September to influence a review of the British Home Office's decision, could embarrass the royal family, already facing a possible trial of Prince Andrew in the US over sexual assault charges.

To protect the monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II. this week stripped off Andrew of all official and military titles, and rumors are circulating that the prince is now paying for insurance by himself.

A spokesman for Prince Harry told the PA news agency that "the United Kingdom will always be Prince Harry's home, as well as a country where he, his wife and children want to feel safe".

Their seven-month-old daughter Lilibet has not yet met her great-grandmother Elizabeth II. , nor her grandfather, Prince Charles. The last time Prince Harry visited the UK was last summer when, together with his brother William, he unveiled a statue of their mother Diana on July 1. Diane, unfortunately, died in a car accident in Paris in 1997 after being chased by paparazzi.

"Prince Harry also inherited a lifelong security risk by birth. He is sixth in line to the throne, has served two combat missions in Afghanistan, and in recent years his family has been exposed to extremist and neo-Nazi threats," his lawyer said.

A British government spokesman said the system relating to the protection of public figures was "rigorous and proportionate" and declined to give details of the agreements or legal proceedings.

Recall, the fifth season of the series “The Crown” should see the light of day in November this year, and it will show in detail the last months of Harry's mother Diana. A few days ago, photos from the shooting were published, and Princess Diana will be played by actress Elizabeth Debicki. Many have commented that she irresistibly resembles the princess when she appeared in a little black dress in which Diana in 1994 enticed glances wishing to take revenge on Prince Charles for his infidelity.