The Dyson Zone headphones ensure clean air

Mar 31, 2022 - 17:35
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The Dyson Zone headphones ensure clean air

British Dyson is best known in our country for its cyclone vacuum cleaners, fans with no visible moving parts, and hair dryers, but it also has a strong presence as an air purifier producer. And it's the new, one-of-a-kind Dyson Zone headphones that are geared at clients who want to breathe clean air not just at home but also outside.

The Dyson Zone headphones, which have a futuristic appearance, combine two functions: active noise reduction and active air purification. Each headphone shell contains a small turbine that draws in air and filters it via a thin filter to eliminate 99 percent of pollution larger than 0.1 microns (dust, pollen, allergies, fumes) - air purification should be two-stage.

As a result, the cleaned air flows from both sides through the "air curtain" (just through the muzzle) to the owner's mouth and nose. Dyson cautions that the visor in front of the owner's mouth is not in touch, so the owner will not be bothered. As a result, this device cannot be used to replace a Covid respirator.

Dyson headphones have been in the works since 2016 when he began working on the concept of individualized air purification. Later, tests of the air cleansing equipment in conjunction with ANC headphones began - the prototype from 2017 clearly identifies the Bose QuietComfort series headphones. Over the next three years, 500 prototypes were built, and the resulting Dyson Zone headphones are currently on display.

Of course, the built-in turbines will generate some noise; the level of filtration should be automatically determined, and it can be assumed that active noise suppression will also handle the noise that will logically develop as air goes through the filter in the headphones.

The air curtain in front of one's lips should not only fold down beneath the chin but also be totally detachable. The headphones can only be used to listen to music or make phone calls.

When in conversation mode, the headphones turn on ambient monitoring and turn off air purification. Dyson hasn't spoken much about the sound quality, although it's said to be excellent.

In terms of pricing, Dyson does not even provide an estimate, but given the prices of Dyson products, it is safe to imply that the price will not be small. If you're interested in "cleaning" headphones, you'll have to wait until the fall, when Dyson expects to begin selling them.