The famous actress remembered the famous scene from the erotic thriller, and here is what was happening behind the scenes ...

Stone delighted the audience with a photo in which she poses relaxed, dressed only in a T-shirt with a scene from ' Basic instinct'.

Jun 30, 2021 - 06:13
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The famous actress remembered the famous scene from the erotic thriller, and here is what was happening behind the scenes ...

The famous 63-year-old actress Sharon Stone delighted her numerous followers on Instagram with a photo in which she poses casually dressed only in a T-shirt with the most famous scene from the erotic thriller "Basic Instinct". In that cult 1992 film, she embodies the killer Catherine Tramell who gets into a hot affair with the police investigator in charge of the murder of her boyfriend. Of course, she is played by Michael Douglas, and the scene painted on her T-shirt is exactly the one in which she provocatively crosses her legs while Douglas interrogates her. In a photo on Instagram, Stone additionally joked about posing in a similar way and replaced the cigarette she holds in the film with a pencil.

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Been there, done that, and now I have a T-shirt,” the Hollywood star wrote in a description of the image.

A few months ago, Sharon Stone revealed how she slapped director Paul Verhoeven after watching the film for the first time, given that she had no idea the camera recorded her naked crotch in the scene where she crossed her legs. She told Vanity Fair that she did not want to take off her underwear, but the director assured her that nothing would be seen on the screen.

However, everything was revealed at the first screening of the film.

"That's when I first saw the footage of my vagina, long after I was told, 'We can't see anything. We just want you to take off your panties because the white color reflects light, so we know you're wearing them,'" she explained at the time, adding how the situation further developed.

I went to the projection table, slapped Paul in the face, left, got in the car, and called my lawyer Marty Singer, ” the actress pointed out.

In the end, however, she agreed to keep the scene in the film, although Verhoeven, she said, was in principle opposed to giving her any creative control over her own body in the famous thriller.

"I was just an actress, just a woman, what choice did I have? But I still had it. I thought for a long time and chose to allow that scene in the film. Why? Because it was right for the film itself and my character and after all, I did that, ” she explained.

By the way, in 2017, Verhoeven denied that Stone was unaware of what he had in mind when filming the cult scene.

"Sharon is lying. Every actress knows what she will see if you ask her to take off her underwear and expose herself in front of the camera," the director claimed at the time.

By: Olivia J. - Gossip Whispers