The first trailer for the movie "Suncoast" is out!

Woody Harrelson and Nico Parker form an unusual friendship in the movie "Suncoast".

Jan 18, 2024 - 12:41
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The first trailer for the movie "Suncoast" is out!

Nico Parker just wants someone to notice her in the trailer for the upcoming comedy-drama "Suncoast". The project started production in September 2022, and so far we haven't received any news related to the production.

Laura Chinn holds the director's baton, and Laura Linney and Woody Harrelson also star in this movie.
“Suncoast,” is premiering at this year’s Sundance Film Festival before streaming on February 9 on Hulu. This is a unique spin on the coming-of-age story since it is set at an end-of-life facility. 

The trailer for the movie "Suncoast" introduces us to Doris (Parker), a teenager who is completely unimpressive at school, and at home, she struggles for affection because her mother (Linney) is completely devoted to her brother, who is fighting a vicious disease. When her mother decides to move closer to her brother, Doris finally has some peace to devote herself to and uses the empty house to get noticed at school. Her house becomes a top place for parties and Doris finally becomes part of society. After forming an unlikely friendship with an activist (Harrelson), Doris realizes that she must create a better balance between her private life and her relationship with her brother before the disease takes him.

"Suncoast" is the directorial debut for Chinn, who also wrote the screenplay. She found inspiration for the story in her upbringing when she had to care for her sick brother.
Before making her directorial debut with "Suncoast", Chinn created and starred in Pop TV’s comedy series "Florida Girls". Also, her book, "Acne: A Memoir", was recently published by Hachette Books.

With Parker, Linney, and Harrelson in this movie are also Ella Anderson, Daniella Taylor, Keyla Monterroso Mejia, Matt Walsh, Scott MacArthur, Ariel Martin, and Amarr.
The film "Suncoast" is scheduled to arrive on Hulu on February 9.

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