The hard life story of Lady Gaga!

At Oscars night , Lady Gaga reminded us of her life story, which was not easy at all.

Mar 29, 2022 - 15:17
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The hard life story of Lady Gaga!

Actress and singer Lady Gaga at this year’s Oscars was one of the presenters with legendary actress Lisa Minnelli. Liza, 76, won a golden statuette 50 years ago for her role in ‘Cabaret’.

Namely, part of the public believes that Gaga definitely deserved a nomination for the prestigious award, so they called her a 'loser of the award', and while she lost in that field, Liza lost herself in the role of presenter. Still, she had the best help by her side to guide her into the matter.

Gaga took the stage in a black, glittery suit, white shirt and bow tie, thus interrupting a series of lavish outfits she wore to the awards ahead of the Oscars that are considered the most important. Let us remind you, this year Lady Gaga delighted on all the red carpets so far, with a big change in fashion.

The 35-year-old actress and singer embraced elegance with a slight twist and left a part of her personality in each combination, but that is also a big change compared to the time when she wore meat dresses and the like.
In other words, the increasingly successful actress has dismissed distaste and provocation for the sake of glamor and the public agrees that she has never looked better. 
The fact that the singer was obviously doing something on her face also fell into the background, because she looks significantly different.