The incredible life story of Courteney Cox

Great sorrow marked the life of Courteney Cox forever.

Jun 19, 2022 - 04:25
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The incredible life story of Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox, who conquered the world with her role as Monica in the popular series ‘Friends’, was born on June 15, 1964, in Birmingham, Alabama. Courteney Bass Cox was born into a typical and wealthy South American family. Her father, Richard L. Cox, was a construction contractor, while her mother was a housewife. When her parents divorced after 19 years of marriage in 1974, her father moved to Panama City, Florida. Courtney then moved to Mountain Brook with her mother, two older sisters, Virginia and Dottie, and her older brother Richard.

'My parents' divorce instilled in me the opinion that nothing is permanent and that all love will come to an end,' Courteney once said.

As a child, she played swimming and tennis. She also enrolled in architecture studies but she gave up after a year to pursue a modeling career. That decision brought her smaller roles, but it also helped her star in a series that marked her life.

Turbulent relationships marked her life

Courteney and Michael Keaton met in mid-1989 and remained in a relationship for the next five and a half years (until 1995). Just a month after the break, Courteney told People magazine:'It's the most important relationship I've ever had and I think he's the most wonderful person I've ever met.'

She also dated the singer of the rock band Counting Crows - Adam Duritz. He also wrote a song called ‘Monkey’ dedicated to her. After that, she met her future husband David Arquette at a party hosted by director Wes Craven.

There was a certain attraction between the characters played by Arquette and Cox in the film, which carried over into real life. Arquette proposed to her in front of the whole family in Panama City, Florida, and the couple got married on June 12, 1999. This marriage did not last either, so in 2012 it ended with divorce. Today she is dating a guitarist and keyboardist from the band Snow Patrol, Johnny McDade.

Career and life drama

Courteney's first television role was in 1984, with the episodic role of debutant Bunny in the 1994 soap opera How the World Turns, and she began filming Friends. After the end of the series, she attracted a lot of attention with her roles in the film 'Scream' and in the series 'Puma'. About the series that made it famous, Courtney said:‘Friends’ have changed my life in many ways. They gave me a chance. They gave me freedom. They gave me a family of close friends with whom I grew up. They taught me comedy. They taught me relationships. They taught me everything. '

Just while the series was being filmed, a real shipwreck was going on in her life. She had to be smiling and happy on set, and behind the cameras, she was crying and she was depressed. Namely, similar to her character Monica, Courtney failed to expand her family, even though she wanted to.

In the series, Monica tried to have a child with Chandler, and the famous actress experienced similar problems in real life. She had several miscarriages at the time.

'It was very difficult, ' said the actress, who did not hide the battle, but spoke about it for NBC. ‘I remember having an abortion once in the series and Rachel gave birth to a baby girl. Oh, how hard and horrible it was to be funny at the time, ' she said on one occasion.

Courteney married David Arquette in 1999, and then as a couple, they faced difficulties with pregnancy.

'Everyone in my family has children and no one had such a problem, so I thought I wouldn't have it either, but after I got pregnant pretty easily, it was hard to maintain a pregnancy, ' said the famous actress. She discovered that her body makes antibodies and they attack the fetus. After all, she went for artificial insemination and gave birth to Coco in 2004, two days before her 40th birthday.

Years later, she discovered the exact cause of the miscarriage, after she was diagnosed with a mutation in the MTHFR gene, which increases the risk of blood clots, and women who are positive for the mutated gene may have a higher risk of miscarriage.

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