What about the one about Rihanna is unknown...

Jan 10, 2023 - 09:39
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It is unknown whether the Rihanna documentary will be completed, but the situation regarding fresh important documentary content will become clearer in the coming months.

Still untitled Rihanna documentary

It is a four-year-awaited documentary directed by Peter Berg (Battleship). It was originally sold to Amazon in 2019 for a stunning $25 million, with a 2020 release date scheduled. The pandemic put that back to the summer of 2021, and then it was pushed back again.

Berg allegedly shot 1,200 hours of footage with the Barbadian superstar before her fashion-defining pregnancy and the birth of her first child last May. Berg stated this week that the picture is "done and sold" and just needs her approval, but he added, "It may be a 10-year project."

"The Disappearance of Shere Hite"

Shere Hite, a sex researcher, published a big study in 1976: according to interviews with over 3,500 women, over 70% of them did not have an orgasm with male partners, but could easily achieve it alone. Her discoveries are now widely recognized, although they caused quite a stir at the time.

"The Disappearance of Shera Hite," produced by NBC News and directed by Nicole Newnham, is based on mostly unaired tapes of interviews with Hite and tries to shed light on the researcher's life and discoveries.

"Nam June Paik: Moon is the Oldest TV"

Amanda Kim investigates the biography of one of the twentieth century's most influential artists, Nam June Paik, the founder of video art and the coiner of the term "electronic superhighway" to characterize the future of telecommunications. Kim's film, in which actor Steven Yeun reads Paik's remarks, is announced, depicting the futuristic artist's humor and ingenuity, a depiction of the creator who was "probably the most modern artist of all time."

BTS for Disney+

The American media conglomerate has unveiled not one, but two initiatives for its streaming service with the world's biggest band, BTS. The first, titled "BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star," consists of four concert films that are said to provide an incredible peek into the life of the band's seven members. The second film, a solo documentary about member J-Hope, will focus on his preparations for his solo debut in July 2022.

"Bad Press"

"Bad Press" focuses on Angel Ellis, a Mvskoke Media reporter from Okmulgee, Oklahoma, who battles for transparency and access to information for the Muscogee American Native American tribe. The film was acclaimed by Sundance as a "nuanced, uplifting drama about a modern Native society."

Post by Bryan C.