The most necessary piece you will need this season!

The basic pieces are timeless.

May 21, 2021 - 11:32
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The most necessary piece you will need this season!

Spring is here, although we have not had such an impression for days. Gloomy and rainy weather creates an atmosphere that does not make us very satisfied, and that is why we feel best at home dressed in tracksuits and oversized sweatshirts while drinking tea and watching our favorite series.

This is slowly coming to an end, and with the first rays of the sun, we are getting ready for gardens, concerts, and thus new outfits. So, what to choose for a lazy trip out of the house? You know, that moment when we want to look stylish, but nonchalant, without much effort?

The white top is a piece of the season (both this one and every next one) because you can pair it with absolutely everything. Pair it with jeans, sneakers, and a good coat or jacket, a sleeveless T-shirt raises the outfit to a higher level. Plus, it fits everyone’s budget and there’s no reason not to rush to the nearest high street stores and buy it right away.

The choice is huge, from oversized models to tight sleeveless shirts, and it easily fits any occasion. For a careless weekend, we suggest wearing it under overalls which evoke the 90s, and for business or special occasions, combine it with a suit. Whether it will look sporty or elegant - it's up to you. Remember that the fashion game has no boundaries!

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