New Movie Red Notice broke the Netflix record!

‘Red Notice’ broke Netflix’s record and, according to the film’s stars, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson..

Nov 15, 2021 - 14:55
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New Movie Red Notice broke the Netflix record!

The film was released on Netflix on Friday, November 12, and according to the announcements of the three main stars on social media, it has the best opening ever and became the most-watched film on streaming service to date on opening day. Maybe the reason for this is the ending that makes you watch the movie at least one more time, lest you find the details you missed in the first viewing

Wow,‘ Red Notice ’has the best opening for Netflix movies ever,’ Reynolds wrote on Instagram and congratulated the entire film crew on a record achievement.

‘I can’t wait for Red Notice (Taylor’s version),” Ryan Reynolds joked, referring to Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Red (Taylor’s version), which was released the same day as the film.

'The Rock' also joined the celebration, sharing a video message on Instagram with which he wrote: 'It's official because the numbers are coming from 190 territories from all over the world. 'Red Notice' has become the biggest opening ever - for all movies in Netflix history. '

'This is amazing! What can I say, you are the best and the reason why we make movies. I am very grateful and excited. Congratulations to Netflix and the whole film crew ', wrote Gal Gadot on Instagram.

In a review of the film ‘Red Notice’ NME states that screenwriter and director Rawson Marshall Thurber is obviously still in love with the films of his youth and manages to fit practically all of them into one screenplay.

‘Cameo pop stars towards the end of the film is completely unnecessary, but like everything else in 'Red Notice ’, and that’s kind of the whole point. Full of everything (including, surprisingly, Paul Hollywood), and obviously in fear of taking over and the slightest risk, this is a $ 200 million buffet blockbuster for anyone and everyone, 'says NME.

The cameo pop star mentioned in the review refers to Ed Sheeran, who appears in the final third of the film. But it will be less important to you because the twisted plot of the film experiences a culmination towards the end that forces you to watch the film again and capture those seemingly unimportant details that you missed watching it for the first time.

By the way, does it count on Netflix when a movie is viewed twice in the same day from the same user account?

By: Amber V.