The new action thriller arrived on Netflix: " Criminal Code" TV series!

"Criminal Code" is a Portuguese crime thriller on Netflix that blends reality with fiction, exploring organized crime in Brazil.

Dec 15, 2023 - 07:14
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The new action thriller arrived on Netflix: " Criminal Code" TV series!

The series "Criminal Code"  follows a team of investigators trying to locate a large sum of money stolen in a robbery on the border of Brazil and Paraguay. To solve the case, investigators use DNA to try to find the culprits. Benício leads the investigation, but it's more than just a job for him since the same thieves killed his partner during a prison break. In an attempt to bring the culprits to justice, he teams up with police officer Suellen.

Originally named "DNA Do Crime", "Criminal Code"  centers around the world of organized crime prospering as a result of the close border between Paraguay and Brazil. Detective Benício is involved into the mess after his trusted partner, Santos, was killed during a planned prison break in Foz Penitentiary.

Benício is determined to find the ones responsible for the death of his partner. But soon he discovers that the prison break was only a small piece in a larger puzzle of heists and robberies. In his endeavor, Benício is joined by Suellen as they embark on solving the case at hand. Considering that the Ambassador and Issac remain at large, the "Criminal Code" does show the potential for a more thrilling Season 2, in which Benício can continue his pursuit of the ones who escaped his clutches and continue to roam between the fluid borders of the country. It doesn't appear that the Ghost Gang, led by mastermind Issac, is going to rest anyway, paving the way for a cat-and-mouse thriller in a potential second season of this nerve-wracking Portuguese crime show.

The sequel has just arrived on Netflix, and it has already become a hit among the audience. Users of the streaming giant are already begging for a second season.

"Criminal Code is a great series. I watched all eight episodes in a day and a half. They need to film the second season as soon as possible", says one viewer, while another points out that it is "one of the best series he has ever watched".

The series has a rating of 7.1 on IMDb, while the audience on Rotten Tomatoes gave it a high 94%.

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