The scary dark side of Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman (84) was one of Hollywood's favorite actors for a long time, and then everything changed overnight, due to sex assault

Mar 18, 2022 - 12:06
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The scary dark side of Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman (84) was one of Hollywood's favorite actors for a long time, and then everything changed overnight. The victims of Hoffman's sexual abuse talked about surviving with him.

The double Oscar winner, who has rarely appeared in public lately, was filmed by paparazzi while walking around Los Angeles. He was in the sports edition and did not remove the protective mask from his face, probably because he did not want anyone to recognize him.

Before Hollywood was rocked by this scandal, Hoffman was an actor who worked full steam ahead. 

Love life

In 1969, he married ballerina Anne Byrne, but the details of their marriage remain unknown to this day. He adopted her daughter from her first marriage, Karina, and in October 1970 they had a child together, daughter Jenna.

They built a family nest in New York's Greenwich neighborhood and lived carefree for the next ten years. Dustin earned four more Oscar nominations, and then finally in 1979, he won his first gold statue. And for brilliant acting in the movie 'Kramer vs. Kramer', in which his partner was Meryl Streep.

Hoffman played workaholic Ted Kramer, who was abandoned by his wife (Streep). She left their son in his care. But after a year and a half, she returns to pick up the child, which is why the ex-spouses start a court battle. He received praise for the role, and at that time there were rumors that it was not surprising because he was going through a similar situation. 

His marriage was coming to an end and the couple divorced in 1980. The reason for the crash is not known, because Dustin did not give any statement on that topic, and the journalists only managed to find out that the children belonged to their mothers.

But he was not alone for long. In November of the same year, he married entrepreneur Lisa Gottsegen. The couple had known each other since childhood when they lived almost door to door. Their mothers were friends, but since Lisa is 15 years younger than Dustin, they didn't hang out as children. 

Years later, after Dustin started building an acting career, Lisa's grandfather died and he went to the funeral. They renewed contact and became friends, and after he divorced, lovers. Today, they have four children: Jake, born in 1981, Rebecca Lillian, born in 1983, Max Jeffrey, born in 1984, and Alexandra, born in 1987, and thanks to his beloved Lisa, he overcame his mother's death in 1981 more easily.

A scandal that cost him money

The fall of this legendary actor happened in 2017. Following the arrest of Harvey Weinstein, several women spoke out and accused Hoffman of sexual harassment. What shocked the most was that his 17-year-old assistant was among them.

Hoffman apologized, and then the number of victims increased. Among them is Kathryn Rossetter who starred with him in the play ‘Death of a Salesman’. As she said, she first noticed his looks at the audition, and when she got the role, he invited her to a hotel room after a business lunch.

Anna Hunter, who at the age of 17 worked as a production assistant on the filming of 'Death of a Salesman' from 1985, said Dustin talked about sex in front of her and touched her inappropriately.

It is said that his children from his first marriage, daughters Karina and Jenna, have not been on good terms since this scandal shook the world.

Meryl Streep incident

Also, the public was shocked when word got out about the incident on the set of the film ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’ in which he starred with Meryl Streep. Namely, Dustin, as eyewitnesses said, was rude to Meryl and slapped her for no reason.

No one from the set of the movie 'Kramer vs. Kramer' had nice words for the actor.