The situation is getting worse: The company has given up conservatorship, Britney's father will control her fortune of $ 60 million!

They added that they were told that Britney herself wanted the conservatorship and that she agreed for them to be responsible, but when she testified, she said she wanted it all to end.

Jul 2, 2021 - 08:28
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The situation is getting worse: The company has given up conservatorship, Britney's father will control her fortune of $ 60 million!

After the Bessemer Trust was appointed to the position of caretaker of the singer Britney Spears, along with family members, they decided that they did not want to accept the job.  According to court documents, the company wants to give up conservatorship due to "a change in the situation and the singer's criticism of conservatorship". They added that they were told that Britney herself wanted the conservatorship and that she agreed for them to be responsible, but when she testified, she said she wanted it all to end.

It is not yet known what will happen if the judge accepts their request and whether Britney's father Jamie will remain the sole guardian to control her finances and the foundation, which currently has about $ 60 million in its account. 

By the way, Spears is trying to rest in Hawaii after she shared her painful experience in court, but she can't do it because she is being followed by the paparazzi and fans. She also suffered another blow. Namely, the judge rejected the request of her lawyer Sam Ingham to remove the singer's father Jamie Spears from the position of her guardian. The lawyer filed the request back in September last year but has not taken any further steps since.

He then demanded that Jamie no longer be a guardian, that the Bessemer Foundation take over the role. However, Ingham only recently brought legal documents to the court to initiate proceedings and the judge approved the Bessemer Foundation to be Spears' guardian - but Jamie remains in the same position and the judge also confirmed that the request of Jamie being completely deprived of that role was rejected.

Recall, there is no person in the world who has remained indifferent to the testimony of Britney Spears in court. The singer spoke publicly for the first time about the custody situation that the management, her father Jamie, and, it seems, the entire Spears family have over her.

She is forced to have a spiral that she must not take out without their approval and must not have children even though she desperately wants to, she can't get married as well.

  - I want to get married and have a baby. I want to take out the spiral, but the caregivers don’t let me because they don’t want me to have a baby.

Namely, Britney said at the beginning of her statement that she wanted the custody provision to be terminated. She added that she is afraid of people and does not trust them. She emphasized that she currently had to go to a psychiatrist in Westlake for therapy and that everyone knew that, and that the paparazzi filmed her leaving the office crying. She said it seems to her that her life for 13 years has been like living in a rehab center.

- Custody does not work from the beginning. Makes no sense. I pay people to control me. I have been working since I was 17 and this is abuse. I don’t feel like I can live my life, ”Britney said. She also revealed that she thinks she should be able to sue her guardians who threaten her with consequences if she doesn’t do exactly what they say, they also don’t want to pay her money, and don’t let her go on vacation. 

- I don't want to work for the people I pay. Even when I’m sick, I have to go to a psychiatrist three times a week. I want it to be reduced to just once - she said. As could be heard in her voice, the singer was genuinely upset and angry, which she admitted. She asked for a vacation from her residence in Las Vegas, but she was not allowed to.

- Even my psychiatrist doesn't care about me. When I said I didn’t want to work in Vegas anymore, he said I was a difficult person and put me on new medications and prescribed me lithium, which made me constantly feel like I was drunk. No one cared, especially my father. 

- The control he has over someone as powerful as me - he liked it. He liked to hurt his daughter and have control over her. When I went to Vegas, I worked seven days a week, with no vacations. The only thing similar to this that exists in California is sex trafficking. Forcing someone to work against their will, not allowing them to have a credit card, money, passport, phone, and placing them in a house with the people they work with. I mean, everyone lived with me, nurses, security guards. Every day they watched me change. I had no privacy, not even the door to my room. I had to give eight tubes of blood a week, ”Spears said.

She said her family did nothing to protect her. They sent her to a cottage in Beverly Hills once for rehab and paid $ 60,000 for it. They were trying to hurt her and her dad was glad she was. She said that before she did not want to talk about it publicly or give interviews because she thought that the whole world would make fun of her and that no one would believe her. 

  - I thought everyone would say, "Look at this Britney, she has money and everything in the world and now she's making something up." The singer said she was forced to lie to fans on Instagram that everything was fine, but in fact, she was depressed, sad, and felt like she was alone in the world and was crying all the time.

After information about the trial came to light, many celebrities supported her on social media, among the first singer Mariah Carey. They are happy because Britney is speaking publicly for the first time to fans who started the #FreeBritney movement, who her father Jamie called conspiracy theorists, but for years they said the situation was exactly as Britney described it in court.

Her father, through a lawyer, only briefly said that he loved his daughter very much and that he missed her.  And the singer’s sister, Jamie Lynn has spoken out about the custody situation, for the first time since fans accused her of profiting from it all.

Namely, Britney said in court last week that she wants to sue her family, and fans are sure that one of the members who are to blame for everything that happens to the singer is Jamie Lynn. She became famous for her role in the children's series Zoey 101 at Nickelodeon, but her career was short-lived because she became pregnant at the age of 17 and became a mother. After that, it was rarely heard of any of her business success.

The 30-year-old, however, decided to support her sister in public - after being called out of having a comfortable living from her sister's fortune, which is estimated at $ 60 million. She said she wants Britney to be happy and will always support her.

  - I've been paying my own bills since I was 10. I don’t owe an explanation to the public, and Britney knows I love and support her. I'm not my family. I am my own person and I speak only for myself - said Jamie in the video. That doesn't seem to be true, because Jamie was appointed head of the SJB Foundation last year, founded by Britney back in 2004 to protect the legacy of her sons - Sean Preston and Jayden James. Fans believe Jamie, who has not advertised so far, did so because she is also involved in her sister’s abuse. She says she waited for Britney to talk about her situation on her own.

- I never talked about this because I thought my sister had to do it herself. I don’t care if Britney wants to escape to the woods and have a billion kids and then come back and dominate the world. I have no use of that. This situation does not affect me in any way because I just want my sister to be happy - said Jamie Lynn and emphasized that she is very proud of her sister. 

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers