The top-ranked Turkish series in 2021!

Kurulus Osman is the series that recorded the best result in the total rating category last year.

Jul 22, 2022 - 15:44
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The top-ranked Turkish series in 2021!
After the end of the calendar year, many analyzes follow. This is also the case in Turkish television series, and this time we got the exact data on which TV series were the most watched in 2021.
In the course of 2021, we watched a really large number of good and interesting series. The Turkish series Yargi / The Judgement, Camdaki Kiz / Chrysalis, and Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu / The Great Seljuks, along with the beginning of the Destan / Epic series, are certainly one of the most impressive. In addition to them, there are indeed a large number of others that attracted the attention and delighted the viewers of Turkish television series. Perhaps a little surprise is the series Gonul Dagi / Mountain of Hearts, which recorded rating results of over 10, in all three categories.
However, none of the listed series is the most successful in 2021. Mehmet Bozdag's historical series - Kurulus Osman / Establishment: Osman took that award this year. Kurulus Osman is the series that recorded the best result in the total rating category last year. That result was 13.80. A number that no one could surpass in 2021.
However, Kurulus Osman was not the best in all three categories in which viewership is measured. In the AB rating category, the best result was achieved by the series Masumlar Apartmani / The Innocent. The figure of 16.14 in the AB category was unsurpassed by others, so it is safe to say that last year was very successful for this series on the national TV channel TRT1.
In the ABC rating category, the best score was another series on the channel TRT1. The Teskilat / The Shadow team series achieved a result of 15.98, which puts it at the very top in that category. Nice recognition for all the people working on this project.
So, one historical and two contemporary series found their place in the top three Turkish TV series. It remains to be seen which series will compete for the best ratings this year. The competition is really getting bigger and better. Which Turkish series did you watch the most in 2021? Write to us in the comments.
Post by: Rinna James