The True Story Behind 'True Detective' Season 2

True Detective is an American television series that has captivated audiences since its debut in 2014. The second season of the series, which premiered on June 21, 2015, centers around a new cast of characters and a new storyline. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at True Detective season 2, exploring its plot, characters, and themes.

Apr 10, 2023 - 04:45
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The True Story Behind 'True Detective' Season 2


The second season of True Detective is set in the fictional city of Vinci, California. The story begins with the discovery of a gruesome murder, which leads three law enforcement officers to team up to investigate the case. The detectives, Ray Velcoro (played by Colin Farrell), Ani Bezzerides (played by Rachel McAdams), and Paul Woodrugh (played by Taylor Kitsch), have their own personal issues that they must confront while working together to solve the crime.

As the investigation progresses, the detectives uncover a web of corruption that extends from the city's government to its criminal underworld. Along the way, they face numerous challenges and obstacles, including dangerous criminals and their own personal demons.


One of the most notable aspects of True Detective season 2 is its cast of characters. Each of the three main detectives brings their own unique perspective and set of skills to the investigation.

Ray Velcoro is a troubled detective who is struggling to come to terms with his past. He is a recovering alcoholic and has a difficult relationship with his ex-wife and son. Ani Bezzerides is a no-nonsense detective who is not afraid to speak her mind. She has a troubled past of her own, including a history of drug use and an estranged sister. Paul Woodrugh is a motorcycle cop who is haunted by his time serving in the military. He is also struggling with his own sexuality and the expectations that come with being a man in a macho profession.


True Detective season 2 is a dark and gritty crime drama that explores a variety of themes, including corruption, morality, and the nature of identity. The show portrays a world where the line between good and evil is blurred, and where even the most well-intentioned characters can be corrupted by power.

The theme of identity is also prominent throughout the season. Each of the main characters is struggling to define themselves in a world where their past mistakes and traumas continue to haunt them. The show asks the question: can we ever truly escape our past, or are we destined to be defined by it?

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In conclusion, True Detective season 2 is a complex and captivating crime drama that explores a variety of themes and features a talented cast of characters. From its intricate plot to its nuanced exploration of morality and identity, the show has something to offer for fans of the genre and beyond.

If you're a fan of crime dramas or just looking for a compelling new show to watch, True Detective season 2 is definitely worth checking out. Its intricate plot, complex characters, and thought-provoking themes are sure to keep you engaged and entertained from beginning to end.