Tom proved one more time he is real gentleman!

Tom Cruise helped Kate Middleton climb the stairs more easily. He has proved to be a real gentleman.

May 20, 2022 - 04:25
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Tom proved one more time he is real gentleman!

The London premiere of the long-awaited ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ attracted many fans of the 1986 original, including Prince William and Kate Middleton who were also the main stars of the red carpet set up in London’s Leicester Square.

The actors from the film, led by 59-year-old Tom Cruise, also got a chance to meet the royal couple, and he spent the longest time talking to them. And when it was time to head to the hall to watch the film, Cruise accompanied them and jumped in and extended his hand to Kate Middleton, who shone in a black and white dress signed by French designer Roland Mouret, which suited her like a glove.

Tight-fitting, the aforementioned creation was primarily distinguished by the design of the collar. The white fabric on the neckline is presented in the form of falling straps, and in order to pay the most attention to the dress, she made sure by choosing subtle accessories. But it was precisely because of that tight cut that Kate found it a little harder to move, especially on the stairs, where the red carpet was stretched. In order to reach the very top of the stairs safely, before entering the hall, instead of the hand of her husband, Prince William, Kate relied on the one offered by Tom Cruise.

His initiative was immediately praised by social media users, who immediately pointed out that Tom Cruise has always been a real gentleman.

Namely, the actor will celebrate his 60th birthday this year. He wore a blue suit and a white shirt for the festival. This is a sequel to the legendary 1986 film that marked Tom Cruise’s career, so it’s no surprise that the sequel ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ sparked huge media interest. 

The plot of this sequel is set 30 years later. This time, Maverick found himself in the role of the instructor of new generations of pilots. This time they were played by Miles Teller, Glenn Powell, Monica Barbaro and Jay Ellis. Teller plays Bradley Rooster Bradshaw, the son of Maverick’s best friend, the late Nick Goose Bradshaw. The title song from the movie ‘Hold My Hand’ was sung by Lady Gaga.