Tozluyaka and Kardeslerim - Great Turkish series

Turkish series offer a large number of genres. One particular genre, called the youth series, stands out more and more, examples of which are the series Tozluyaka and Kardeslerim.

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Tozluyaka and Kardeslerim - Great Turkish series

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Diversity is certainly one of the features when it comes to the Turkish series. A large number of different characters in each series is a well-known feature, but also a large number of genres stand out more and more. Historical Turkish series are without a doubt something that the country is recognized for all over the world. Dramas are also very notable, but there are also a large number of subcategories depending on the plot, so we have legal, series about doctors and others. A large number of romantic comedies are also present during the summer.

What stands out as a special category and genre are youth series. The name can be a bit misleading because these Turkish series are not only for young people, they are watched by viewers of all ages. The representative of the youth series is certainly the project Kardeslarim | My Brothers. This Turkish TV series fought for great viewership and won the hearts of the audience. There was simply no doubt that the series, which is currently on hiatus, will be continued with a new season in the fall.

While the series Kardeslerim is on hiatus, we have the opportunity to watch a new project, the TV series Tozluyaka | Dusty Collar, which delighted many with its first two episodes. Episode 2, which aired on Monday 4th July, achieved very good ratings. More precisely, it is the best rating in all categories of all episodes of the new summer television series.

The second episode achieved a total rating of 4.37, which is 0.95 more than the result of the first episode, which was not bad at all. In the AB category, the rating number was 4.12, that is, an increase of 0.43 was recorded compared to last year. And in the ABC1 category, the result was over 4, more precisely 4.12, which is 0.32 more than the first episode that was broadcast seven days before.

The driving force behind the Turkish series Tozluyaka is its young actors. Some of them were in front of the camera for the first time, but that didn't stop them from showing their talent. The Tozluyaka series was liked both by viewers in Turkey and abroad. Among the comments, it is also noted that this project brings with it some lessons. If the viewership trend continues, this Turkish series could become noticed just like the older series Kardeslerim, and young actors gain great recognition for their acting and roles.

Post by: Rinna James