'Troy' (2004)

Troy is a 2004 epic historical war film directed by Wolfgang Petersen, starring Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, and Orlando Bloom. The movie is an adaptation of Homer's epic poem, the Iliad, and retells the story of the Trojan War. Released worldwide in May 2004, the movie was praised for its epic scale, stunning visuals, and powerful performances. In this article, we'll explore the plot, characters, and the impact of Troy on the historical epic genre.

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'Troy' (2004)

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Troy tells the story of the Trojan War, a legendary conflict between the Greeks and the Trojans over the beautiful Helen of Troy. Brad Pitt plays the role of Achilles, the greatest warrior of the Greeks, who is recruited by King Agamemnon (played by Brian Cox) to lead the Greeks in their campaign against Troy. Eric Bana plays the role of Hector, the prince of Troy and the greatest warrior of the Trojans, who leads the defense of his city against the Greeks. Orlando Bloom plays the role of Paris, the Trojan prince who falls in love with Helen (played by Diane Kruger) and sets in motion the events that lead to the war.


Brad Pitt delivers a powerful performance as Achilles, the movie's protagonist. He portrays the character's arrogance and pride, as well as his sense of honor and duty, making the audience both admire and despise him. Eric Bana's portrayal of Hector is also notable, as he brings a sense of humanity and complexity to the character. Orlando Bloom's portrayal of Paris is perhaps the weakest of the main characters, as the character is often seen as a weak and selfish figure.

Impact on the Historical Epic Genre

Troy is a movie that showcases the possibilities of the historical epic genre. The movie's production design and cinematography are visually stunning, creating a sense of authenticity and grandeur. The movie features several large-scale battle scenes, which are both visceral and epic in scope. Additionally, the movie features a strong cast of actors, including Brad Pitt and Eric Bana, who deliver powerful performances that elevate the movie beyond its source material.

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In conclusion, Troy is a powerful retelling of the classic myth of the Trojan War. Brad Pitt and Eric Bana deliver excellent performances as the two greatest warriors of the Greeks and Trojans, respectively. The movie's large-scale battle scenes and stunning visuals showcase the possibilities of the historical epic genre. While the movie is not without its flaws, it is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good story about honor, duty, and war.