We make these 5 fashion mistakes almost always during the summer months!

It's hard to talk about "real style" or "real fashion" because everyone dresses the way they want and feel best. And we appreciate and respect that, and what is great for us can be a disaster for someone - or vice versa. However, there are some fashion flaws - which generally don’t look good.

Jun 26, 2021 - 08:21
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We make these 5 fashion mistakes almost always during the summer months!

For the "stylish summer", real fashion experts stick to small fashion rules that we - mostly unknowingly - have certainly violated several times. But we won't do it anymore!

1. Choosing the wrong materials

We all (more or less) have clothes made of synthetic materials at home. Let's be honest: in terms of price, pieces of clothing made of polyester, polyamide, or polyacrylic are much cheaper. However, in summer the skin breathes less underneath these materials and we sweat significantly more. Summer clothes must be light and airy. Cotton, silk, linen, and chiffon are therefore our best friends on summer days.

No, it's not beige or white! Here’s what bra color won’t show through under the white t-shirt.

2. Wearing the wrong underwear

As we have already written, we must be airy in summer. More reason to wear appropriate underwear. For example, too tight panties or bras can create ugly dents that are visible through clothing. Color is also decisive: if the underwear is seen through light summer clothes, the whole look seems somehow cheap. Therefore, black underwear is not very welcome in summer. A red bra is worn under a white T-shirt. "The skin has red tones, so the red bras blend in quite well under the white shirt," reveals Adrienne Coleon Gaskell, a representative of the French lingerie house Simone Perella.

3. Strange color combinations

It’s finally summer and we can now combine more colors. Bye, bye boring winter clothes - hello, colorful summer! However, before we overdo it with bright colors, we need to think about some rules. Generally valid: do not combine more than three different colors. Another great trick is to stick to the same color family. For example, if you mix dark blue with turquoise and light blue, the look will be very harmonious. For the rest: white is always a desirable partner in all combinations in summer - for all colorful summer colors.

4. Too many accessories

 We wear sunglasses all the time in the summer - that’s clear. And then another hat and some jewelry. And yes, a purse for a cell phone and a wallet. And it already looks like we robbed the whole souvenir stand. In order to not seem overcrowded, we need to step on the brakes and think carefully about which accessories we really need. Less is more!

 5. Wearing the wrong size

You stumbled upon a last-minute sale and bought too many pieces of clothing (thinking you would lose weight by next summer). Now, these pieces from the sale are in some corner of the closet. That's why you always have to evaluate what you buy - namely if the clothes fit you well, every look looks great!

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers