Adele's make-up artist reveals: How to achieve the singer's distinctive cat-like eye

The singer's make-up artists are discovering how to pull off Adele's famous look with eyeliner.

Oct 21, 2021 - 11:33
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Adele's make-up artist reveals: How to achieve the singer's distinctive cat-like eye

After a five-year break, Adele returned to the music scene with the song "Easy On Me". It is only natural that the public now wants to know every little detail from the artist's life and that, of course, includes her impeccable makeup.

There are several artists to whom we attach a certain beauty look, and Adel's trademark is certainly her recognizable make-up look with a perfectly drawn thick eyeliner.

We remember her dreamy eyes and coquettish eyelashes from the release of the album "19" and the hit "Hometown Glory" in 2007. Now the music video for her latest song contributed to our aspiration to finally reach the iconic "Adele makeup look".

Fortunately, we have all the details about the products that are used to make the singer accomplish her distinctive almond-shaped eyes. Namely, the famous make-up artist Pat McGrath revealed the trick for creating Adele's look from the recent shooting for Vogue.

Using a Permagel Ultra Glide eyeliner in extremely black from her make-up line of the same name, McGrath started from the root of the lash line to draw the shape of the wings.

She used a miniature brush to make the desired shape and then moistened a pointed cotton swab with makeup remover to correct mistakes and clean the outer corner of the wing.

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McGrath amplified the intensity of the line by crossing out the sketched shape with her Perma Precision Liquid Liner, then continuing to slide the liquid foundation from the center of the lid to the outer corner of the eye. For a raised effect, McGrath ensured that the lower part of the wing was in line with the outer corner of the eye, extending upwards to create the shape of the wing. Then, to complete the look, she put Dark Star mascara on Adele's lashes, placing the mascara brush at the root and extending it upwards for extra volume.

Another make-up artist is in charge of helping Adele achieve her flawless look - her longtime make-up artist Michael Ashton, with whom she has collaborated countless times since the beginning of her career.

For extra help, check out the video below from Lisa Eldridge’s YouTube channel where Mike was a guest to show everyone how to perfect Adele’s feline eye look.

By: Helen B.