What happened to Will Smith's face?

Social media are on fire talking about what happened to Will Smith's face! Recently, he's been looking like a robot and fans are shocked

Nov 19, 2021 - 06:34
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What happened to Will Smith's face?

When Will Smith appeared on ‘The One Show’ to promote his new film, attention was stolen by the unusual look of his face. Viewers were surprised to see that Will looks quite different, and many have commented on social media that he is unrecognizable.

‘What happened to his face?’, ‘Will Smith doesn’t look like Will Smith’, ‘He looks robotic’, were some of the comments.

Will appeared on the red carpet in London at the premiere of ‘King Richard’ the same day, and the photos also show his new, taut, and unusually youthful face without a single wrinkle.

It is not yet known what happened to Will's face although many assume he too sought the help of a plastic surgeon to make him look younger. By the way, Will and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith regularly attract public attention with their tumultuous married life, and recently they talked for the first time about being in an open marriage.

She grew up a different way than I did. We had a few long discussions about what a perfect relationship is. What is the ideal behavior for couples? The longest period of our relationship was reduced to monogamy, but we did not consider it the only perfect relationship, 'said Smith.

He says that such a relationship is not for everyone, but he and his 50-year-old wife Jada get along well in that relationship.

We have given each other trust and freedom. Marriage cannot be a prison for any of us. I do not suggest to anyone to go the way we have set out, I do not recommend this choice to anyone, but the experiences we have gone through, and our freedom and the unconditional support we have given each other, have brought us only blessings. For me, that is the highest definition of love, 'explained Will Smith.

Jada and he also went through a marital crisis and were separated for a while, but in the end, they overcame the problems and continued with their unconventional marriage.