When the killing mission becomes too personal: the movie "American star"

Ian McShane is a hitman who gets too close to his target in the first trailer for "American Star".

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When the killing mission becomes too personal: the movie "American star"

Ian McShane has his eye on a new target in the trailer for the movie "American Star"Bringing on the wealth of knowledge he gained from playing the killer hotel owner in the John Wick franchise, McShane is now taking up arms himself. Against the backdrop of Fuerteventura's beautiful island landscape, McShane's gun-toting killer has come to heaven on business.

The director of the film is Gonzalo López-Gallego, and the action film also stars Thomas Kretschmann, Nora Arnezeder, Adam Nagaitis, Fanny Ardant and Oscar Coleman.

What can we expect?

The trailer takes us to the calm and serene beaches of Fuerteventura, and the assassin's (McShane) journey there is anything but peaceful and serene as he is assigned for the last mission of his career. Although he tries to remain aloof, it is difficult for him because every newcomer attracts the intrigued glances of the few inhabitants of the island. While collecting information on his target, the killer decides to learn more about the island and the people who call it home. He is particularly attracted to a stranded ship called the American StarWith his job at stake, the assassin will have to decide between his own emotions and the mission he's been sent on.

Here’s the synopsis:

"Seasoned assassin Wilson (Ian McShane) is on final assignment in the island of Fuerteventura to kill a man he has never met. But the target is delayed, and Wilson’s plans must change. Instead of following protocol and returning to London, Wilson decides to stay on the island. It’s been a long time since he’s had a vacation. When his target finally returns, Wilson is there waiting for him in his house, as he had been a few days earlier. But in this brief time, everything has changed. He came to kill a man who he had never laid eyes on. That was easy. Now, nothing will be."

"American Star" marks the reunion of the film's director and star, as López-Gallego and McShane previously teamed up on the 2016 feature western, "The Hollow Point"Likewise, Kretschmann, who is in a supporting role, also has previous experience with the director, with whom he worked on the 2013 horror film, "Open Grave".

The film "American Star" should arrive in theaters on January 26, 2024.

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