4 reasons why Android is more secure than iOS

Apr 1, 2022 - 14:43
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4 reasons why Android is more secure than iOS

Since the introduction of smartphones, there has been debate over which operating system is superior: Android or iOS. One proponent of iOS claims that it is safer than Android. However, this assertion is no longer totally accurate.

Android security has considerably improved in recent years, and this trend is likely to continue. The Xiaomi MIUI webpage now includes four features that make Android a more secure operating system than iOS.

1. Increased security

The device's hardware also plays an important role in security. Some manufacturers take this very seriously. Samsung smartphones, tablets, and wearable accessories, for example, include a Knox security system that prevents dangerous apps from installing when the device boots up.

2. Constant development and improvement of Android

Hackers' access to Android smartphones is becoming easier, although many of the flaws they could exploit are frequently addressed via updates. Another significant advantage of Android is its enormous user base and open source code, which allows potential security flaws to be discovered before they endanger a large number of people.

Android is also continually evolving and adding new features and settings. Apple, on the other hand, has remained a more contentious strategy over the years. Simply put, it enhances system components just when they are required.

3. Custom ROMs

We discussed the need of using the most recent version of the system in the preceding point. However, not all gadgets are updated on a regular basis. While the period of software support for Android smartphones is increasing, older or less expensive models are still only supported for three or four years and will receive new security patches only every few months at the end of their lives.

Custom ROMs enter the picture here, allowing you to install the most recent version of the operating system as well as the most recent security patches on your phone in an unofficial manner. Another advantage is that they are handled by a single person or a small group of engineers, allowing them to respond to customer feedback more quickly.

However, be cautious while installing unapproved ROMs, as you may achieve the opposite effect and risk your smartphone unnecessarily.

4. Difficulty of breaking

Android security has advanced to the point where law enforcement is having difficulty accessing the device. They used to be able to solely break iOS devices, but now Androids are bothering them at work as well. Cellebrite for iOS can be used to retrieve location information, messages, call records, and contacts. However, data collecting on Android is significantly more complicated, and the tool is useless in this scenario.