A dose of magic on the big screen: movie " Wonka"

The end of the year brings to the cinemas a movie title in which Timothée Chalamet is entrusted with the main role.

Dec 3, 2023 - 17:46
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A dose of magic on the big screen: movie " Wonka"

The end of the year brings to the cinemas a movie title in which Timothée Chalamet is entrusted with the main role. We are talking about the musical "Wonka", which reveals the background of the success of the famous chocolatier written by the British writer Roald Dahl. From this Wednesday, December 6, a film about the most famous master of chocolate will arrive. The main team includes the creators of great film successes such as Harry PotterFantastic Beasts, and Paddington Bear .

The musical fantasy film is a kind of prequel to the film "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". This film follows the adventures of young Willy Wonka. We will learn many previously unknown details about this eccentric movie hero, including how he met the Oompa-Loompa.

The movie "Wonka" tells the amazing story of how a young chocolate maker manages to change the world, one sweet bite at a time. The job of making chocolate is much harder than it looks. Thanks to his unique and ingenious, often unusual resourcefulness and the help of some of his best friends - Willy becomes more determined than ever to use his talent and perseverance to make his dreams come true. In this charming, delicious, and sometimes dangerous adventure, he discovers that most people will choose the path of greed, but he knows that behind every cloud the sun shines - all he needs to do is follow his dreams and always believe in himself.

A dose of magic before Christmas

In addition to Chalamet, the star cast of the film also includes renowned actors Olivia Colman, Sally Hawkins, Rowan Atkinson, and Keegan-Michael Key. We believe that you will especially be delighted by the new role of  Hugh Grant, who in the film embodies the lovable Oompa-Loompa. The direction is signed by Paul King, the director of the last film adaptations of the beloved "Paddington Bear".

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